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Save Rock 'n Roll

Sooo ... I know that this is MCR's website and I hope no one hates me for this, but I want to talk about the new Fall Out Boy album, which was, ahem, "leaked," through their website today. (Is it still "leaked" if they band did it themselves ... ?)
To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the album.

The first song on the album, The Phoenix, is probably one of the best songs on the album. Actually, it's one of the 5 songs of the 11 songs total that I actually really like. It's bold and obnoxious, catchy, and a little sexy. It was the second single they released.

The next song, My Songs

Malignant Compression

The metastasis of my mind
Trying to find clear perception
Fogged with all the introspection

I can't grasp this actuality
Anxiety abolishes clarity
Logic overshadows spirituality

Rest is unattainable
Chills dash down my spine
I surrender my mind

I try. I try. I try.
I fail.
I try. I try. I try.
I fall.
I try. I try. I try.


Gerard's letter - not a farewell letter, because he's still here, but his explanation letter I suppose is a more fitting term - was very lucid and straightforward, in my opinion. There's no more My Chemical Romance, and there can't be. Done. There is just a question that has been on my mind since I read it;
What if Blink-182 HAD been able to play at Bamboozle? It was because of Blink-182's inability to play that MCR was there in the first place.
Would Gerard still have heard that "voice" that led to the band's ultimate demise?
If they hadn't filled in for Blink-182, would we still have My

Keep Running

Die with your mask on if you've got to. Yell it out 'till your heart stops beating. Fist up, head down.


Maybe the website's just changing, but a MCR tour would be super rad. I'd love to be able to see them again; seeing them when they were with B-182 wasn't as fun as I think it would be if they were by themselves/ just had an opening act. Almost everyone there was a B-182 fan and the energy just wasn't THERE when MCR was on, though it was still awesome. David Bowie is (probably) going to tour for his new album, maybe MCR now, too! Fingers crossed :)


Black Parade Is Dead! jacket?

Please please please bring back the Black Parade Is Dead! jacket!
I need it!
Not want- nay. NEED.
For I am cold.
This is all.





GEE! Oh my gosh! It's his birthday! Am I the only one COMPLETELY nerding out! I was supposed to have a "party" with my friend but she had to go down south... Oh Well! I'm so excited... more excited than I was for MY birthday! I wish you a healthy and happy birthday Gerry, and many more. <3

MCRmy is awesome. But I didn't get my confirmation e-mail yet and it's been like almost an hour. I filled everything out and it said i joined successfully and to wait for a conformation of some sort, but I never got one. Now I'm sad. What did I do?