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shit I can't stop hiccuping lol


omg it fucking freezing over in england, yesterday it just wouldent stop snowing, it looked like the background from The Black Paraed.Crap got skool work to do lol.


im a bananana


hi it been a while sinc i posted a blog i think but hears an update im in school in an it lessen i feal like the walking dead and my options r comeing up guss wat im takeing drama gegographe and history but got no cule what my 4th going 2 b and 2 reservs life is shit but its fine lol g2g got school work 2 do by


year9 so cool going 2 bewlypark in jan2feb soo cool carnt wate bedale high rules


This is my finile day in year8,omg to tell the truth im a bit worried about going in to year9 but i know i've got the support of my friends behind me and of course mcr and thear amazing music,sorry i seem abit soppy but im usealy like that hahahahaha well wish me luck. xxxxx


2DAYS left till i finish school yaaaaaaaaay


i hate school evryone r baserd 2 me just because i like deferent music 2 them and ware diferent cloths i dont wanna be a sheep its baaaaad


Morning America just to let u no it 3:14 pm whear i live (ENGLAND) yey i live in a country wear the wether always fucks up but still hive just fin school 4 2day now ive got shit all 2 do but uv got school at least u have somthink 2 do


thear is some random shit on youtube (just like me )