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Sick as a dog

For the past couple of day's i have had a bad chest infection,because of this i missed out on 2Drama lessons witch are GCSE lessons,i've been stuck in bed and i hate it,i wanna go back to school,dose anyone know a good way to get rid of a chest infection quickly? xxxx

not happy

It's so unbelievably cold in England you wont believe it :O xxxx


well it's been just under two years since i last posted a blog on here,so i think it's abot time i did an update.


3day's ago a man in Tottenham got shot by a marksman and a riot broke out, 3day's later their still going but now it Birmingham,London,Liverpool and Bristol all because of one incidents, kid's younger then 18 are protesting and setting fire to everything in site, taxes are gonna be raised to pay for the multi-million pound damage something we can not afford i might be 14 but i no this isn't right WELL-DONE MORONS


YAY got new kitten SHIT just remembered i have allergies(mumbull fuck)

Aaaaaaaa Shit

Aaaaaaaa Shit got skool 2moz starting year10 lol :)


what a day i'v hardly done anything and my head hurts it's doesn't make any sense lol


Almost finished listening to The Black Parade album it's been awhile(sigh with happiness) MCR Forever and Always xxxxxxxxxx


so need caffine right now only have decaff noooooooooo


OMG off ta Leeds feast this august first time lol