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Hello everyone, its early...

27. Listening to: the Dan and Phil show on BBC radio 1
eating: menudo, well was
doing: listening to the radio show and trying to start homework, but I just can't

*special: happy birthday Freddie! I haven't seen you since you went to Thailand with you're fiance! I hope you come to visit! and happy birthday Michelle, hope you had a great 15


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Hi! My funk from yesterday has been fixed! I'm in a good mood now, so how are you?

26. Listening to: To plant a seed -We came as Romans
Eating: Nothing, just downed a tub of rocky road though, no regrets :D
Doing: Tumblr-ing, looking at photos of Kat Von D, and about to start doing homework for a free day tomorrow, wish me luck ^^

*Special: Happy birthday Trace! (Trace Shaw Bersim) You're pretty cute, and I'm glad we're friends, have a great day, okay, you're pretty freaking awesome and stuff

"Everyone sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are" -Machiavelli

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hey you guys, just got home, kinda made at myself for numerous reason :/

25. Listenign to Dr.Doctor -Ghost Town
eating: grapes
Doing: this, getting new music, going broke paying for stuff...

I'm going to go now, so bye

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24. listening to: I heart h.c -the amity affliction
eating: grapes
doing: work and eating

kale, short I know, but i have to go in a few

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23.Listening to: Monster -Ghost Town
Eating: nothing, just got home from Buffalo Wild Wings
Doing: Algebra work, getting ready for tomorrow. in PE we get to go to another school, yay

Kale, adios

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day 22, yay... uh, If anyone from tumblr took the link and is seeing this, Hi :D

22. Listening to: New Earth -Tom Milsom
eating: instant ramen, and rocky road ice cream
doing: bio work, and coming up with questions about the "history of the swastika"

*happy birthday Amber, we don't talk as much huh, but it was fun during advisory and we should talk again, it'd be nice. :)

**hey, so I was wondering if any of you have tumblrs, if so, follow me :)

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day 21, happy MLK day, for all the 'mericans. and h :D

21. Listening to: Shadow Moses -Bring Me The Horizon (love it so far)
eating: uhm, going to go get some chips.
doing: should be doing my homework.... I go now v.v

*Special: Happy birthday Lizzette, you look like Valeria, and I know you don't like hearing that but, hey she reminds me off you so :) happy birthday!

instead of a quote: I will be on Omegle in a few minutes xD so if you'd like we can talk by putting a common interest! so, just name an interest and I'll input it in and see you then :)

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Ugh, I realized when I was going to bad that I missed yesterday! Well, ._. crap. I'm sorry. It's the first month so yeah, that.

20: Listening to: Sexy and I Know It -LMFAO (listening to Dan and Phil on BBC Radio 1 ^^)
Eating: chewing gum, just ate almost threw up :(
Doing: Listening to Dan and Phil, making my mom listen to it too :D

*I lost my goal, but it was only once, so yeah... Now to fangirl over Dan and Phil.

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Hi, How's it going?

18. Listening to: Thank you, Pain -The Agonist
Eating: nothing at the moment...
Doing: watching Regular Show, episode: trash boat, I know the voice actor for Jeremy and Brad ^^

no special again, sorry! I have to defend someone at a store xD

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hey, this will be short, I have confirmation class in a few :/ merrr.

17. Listening to: We R Who We R -Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (Ke$ha cover)
eating: ramen ^^
doing: this getting my stuff ready :/

no special today, so I have to go now, uh bye! sorry this was terrible