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One word to describe Danger Days...

If you could choose one word describe Danger Days, what would it be?

I just found my word for it.


I truly feel that a good majority of their songs on the CD could be considered timeless. And believe me, that really is a true honor. Songs like "S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W" and "Summertime" give a SP sound. "Vampire Money" gives Misfits-esque lyrics and the sound of the Blues Brothers. "Destroya" sounds like it could have been written by RHCP. You guys get my point!


Was specifically made for extremely creepy people!




Twitter tweeet tweeet!

Follow me on twitter! I'm boring, I complain, and I think that everyone should care about my status updates such as "Gearing up for Friday" =D


I am so fucking done with school!

I have one exam (a conducting exam -_-), a clinical session to revise, a clinical session, my clinical notebook, an arranging project ('Lux Aurumque' being made in to an orchestral piece by moi =D) and a Christmas concert.

But guess what? I have the mindset of FUCKING DONE.

I'm over school! I'm so over it! This semester ended horribly with most of my exams. So even though the next two days is still filled with WORK upon WORK, I just don't give a fuck.


Who's with me?!


This was my response on the "Jail Frank Iero for Inciting a School Massacre" petition

"First: Do some research before you make a petition, because there is false information on this. For example “pro-suicide band 'My Chemical Romance'” is a false statement. My Chemical Romance has always given anti-suicide speeches at their concerts and encouraged adolescents to seek professional help if depressed/suicidal. Second: Please use proper grammar. No body, especially a judge, will take you seriously if you didn't pass third grade ELA.

Fucking piano juries...

A piano jury is where I go, sit in front of a piano, and play suckishly in front of my piano teacher and the head of the piano department. Then this determines whether I pass piano or not for the semester.

Unfortunately, I suck. Horribly. Maybe not in terms of people who have never taken lessons before, because I can block chord anything! But compared to the people at my university, I'm to the point of "is that a small child banging on the piano?". I've taken 4 semesters of lessons and I'm STILL horrible.

See, vocal juries are different.

Time to go out with GUNS BLAZIN'!

It's exam week for me, which means that it's time to go out with GUNS BLAZIN'!

I'm actually ridiculously calm about exams this semester. Which I don't think is a good thing, because I haven't studied at all yet and I have my first exam today at 1 O.O

Plus, I'm having super withdrawls from my lack of ADHD medication. I actually woke up SHAKING and in a cold sweat this morning.

Not to mention, it's taken me like 10 minutes to write that little bit because I keep getting distracted by shit

I'm gonna go before I waste another 10 minutes sitting here doing nothing.

Say yes to that fucking dress, mutha fucka!

I'm such a fucking bride.

During the summer, I sat here and watched season 4 of "Say Yes to the Dress". I power disc'd. I was done with the season within 2 days

Now I'm on to season 5, since I have some time. This is the 2nd day I've watched it and I'm 15 episodes in, 3 away from finishing.

Some of these girls are ridiculous."I want a hot pink dress!" "I want a $21,000 dress!" "I want a dress with fairy tale wings on it!!"

Um...weird. Especially when the fiances come on the show. That's bad luck.

I'm still a year and 2 months away from getting married, yet, I'm pumping myself up hardcore.

"Summertime" and "1979"

I just mentioned this in a response to another person's blog.

Does anyone else feel like "Summertime" from MCRs new album, almost sound like a blatant ripoff of the Pumpkins "1979"?

Every time the drum beat comes in when I'm listening to "Summertime", I immediately start to sing the beginning guitar riff of "1979".

Not that I think that "Summertime" being a blatant ripoff is such a bad thing. Mainly because MCR, to my knowledge, are friends with Billy Corgan and MCR in general are very heavily influenced they the Pumpkins.

It's not half as bad as when Vanilla Ice stole the drum beat to

Not a happy camper (even though I don't really enjoy camping anyway)

Grr. Stupid Wal-Mart Pharmacy.

I have finals the week of the 6th.

Which means extreme studying up until the 6th.

However, the pharmacy will not supply me with my medication (you guys know, the good stuff) >.<

Fairly upset and SCARED.

I suppose this would be the best time to prove I'm not completely dependent upon stimulants.

Oh, besides the MASSIVE amounts of STRONG coffee I'll be chugging for the next week.

BTWs, never eat citrus then drink coffee. It taste like puke.