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"And I ran...

...I ran so far away"

Haha. Ever feel like that song has actual relevance? I mean, I can't really listen or think about it without laughing. But when I was younger and I would need to escape from my house, I would go out to walk or jog (usually late at night). And I would think about that song.

See, I can't "escape" from my house here in Charleston at night. It's not that there is anybody in the house that pisses me off, in fact, I want to right now and I'm the only one here. But sometimes, I just want to go out and run just to get out of the house, but only at night.



I've been powerdiscing intervention for the past 4 hours!

I'm so addicted to Intervention, I may need to be on Intervention!

It's sad though, seriously. Not my addiction to the show, but the people on this show.

Actually, I'm addicted to Nerds right now. Like, the candy Nerds. Not Nerds Nerds. Even though I do think that nerds are adorable. Well, more so geeks. My fiance is a geek. Video gaming geek. And I <3 him

K, this blog is going no where.

I'm gonna continue watching Intervention and eating Nerds =D

Ever feel like you aren't right for someone?

Ever feel like you aren't right for someone?

Not to be confused with the person not being right for you, but you not being right for them.

Last week, my fiance's mother gave me a ton of stuff from their house in MB, including his sketchbook, for me to bring back down home with me.

I brought everything home and we were unpacking his stuff.

Don't I feel fucking fancy?!

I do! You guys have no clue!

I just played with the recorder on my iPod for the past hour and a half and recorded the chorus to the song I'm currently writing! I used the drum beats that are on the program, I put the guitar in, then I sang the melody and then the backing vocals and I had it!

It's really fucking cool =D

If you guys are thinking about recording music, I'd say get an iPod and get this app (which the lite version is free =p). It's cool as shit!

I might upgrade and get one that cost like $10. Maybe later. Way later lol


I can record shit! Of course it's not going to be recording studio quality, or even near close, but I can put drums in the background, play guitar, play bass, then sing the melody, then sing the harmony and have it all recorded at once!

Oh iPod, how I LOVE THEE! XD

I can always tell when I have mania or depression...

I'm starting to go in to my manic mode because I'm writing crazy punk songs with a lot of cursing in them =D

Danger Days= Good workout music?!

Most definitely!

Almost all the songs have a good enough tempo to jog comfortably to!

I did a mix of plyometrics, jogging, and sprinting.

However, changing up that much combined with the fact that I haven't legit worked out in ages, I only got through two songs before I was like "INHALER!!" haha

So if any of you are looking for some good workout music, Danger Days is awesome for working out =)

Now to finish up some homework!

I fucking LOVE how this happens every fucking year...

Only I don't love how this happens every fucking year...

Every year, the few weeks leading up to Christmas, it is cold as fuck. We have consistently had mid-day temperatures in the mid-40s. Getting everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Well, for the 21st of December, it is forecasted to be 61. 61. Mother fucking 61. And I bet the temperature is only going to keep going up from there. I'm sure on Christmas it will be a toasty 70-80 degrees and we'll have the fucking AC on.

I can't tell you guys how depressing it is to have a warm Christmas after weeks of cold weather. It always tricks us.



I got word that MCR will be performing on the VGA's at 10:25!

That's awesome because my fiance, who is a manager at Gamestop, gets off of work at 8 and I have to go pick him up. I'm excited because that means I won't miss TOO much of the VGA's and I definitely won't miss My Chem!


One word to describe Danger Days...(repost)

This is a repost because only one person responded to it before.

If you could only use ONE word to describe the sound of Danger Days, what would it be?


Most of the songs on their album are really timeless because they're very heavily influenced by other bands. For a band to be writing timeless music, that is an AMAZING skill.

What do you guys think?