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Um, excuse me sir...

...that bass is a little too "bumpin'" for my liking...

stupid fucking people across the street...

Should I WAIT for a miracle to happen or try to force one?

I may be a little dramatic at the moment, but like always, I'm suffering financial issues at the moment.

I'm thinking of sticking up my middle finger to all collection agencies after me.

Collection Agencies= BL/ ind?


I'm also thinking of sticking up my middle finger and screaming a big "fuck you!" to my fiance's manager.

Fiance's manager= big boss of BL/ ind?

Oh, fuck yeah.

But none the less, I must keep my head high!

I'm gonna fight them off with my awesome Just Dance 2 skills!

Good thing is, the day those MCR tickets went up, an hour and a half after they started selling, I

Wedding confusing.

I'm so confused by the amount of stuff I have to look over for the wedding.

I mean, flowers alone and I'm getting frustrated.

And freaking $1000 for a flower wedding pack?!


What if I just have like one or two real ones and the rest just filler? To save money?

Mehhh =(

I do have a whole year and a month left to choose.

But it's still overwhelming.

Hopefully my bridesmaids will pull through for me =/

I'm such a casual game n00b!

I'm about to play Harvest Moon. And then Just Dance 2. And then Animal Crossing.

Because I am a hardcore casual gaming n00b!

But that's okay. Because it's to the point where it's a hobby, so I have something to do, but it's not a serious hobby where I have to dedicate my life to it.

Being a casual gamer is actually kind of awesome =)

How do you feel about 2011?

2011 approaches us in just 2 days!

I feel confident about 2011. I want to make sure that this is an amazing year.

Things I have to look forward:
- A year of wedding planning for February 4th, 2012 (which means getting a dress and planning the honeymoon ;D)
- 4th dating anniversary of my fiance and I!
- Disney World in March XD
- 21st birthday on May 11th!
- Being completely done with classes and moving on to internship in December!

Things I'm nervous about:
- Finding the money to plan the wedding and honeymoon =/
- Making sure I get my work study hours in to get

Just Dance 2

It is the goofiest game in the world! I love it!

My sister's friend brought it over and I played it.

They have this Russian song that you can dance to and you can do the typical Russian dance =p

Then they have the Austin Powers theme song and it's so funny!

They also have "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand.

I didn't think I would like the game, but it's really fun! I forgot how much I loved to dance (I took dance lessons for 5 years when I was younger).

There's a lot of great songs on the game!

Home Alone 2!!

I'm watching it right now and in the beginning where they go to the Christmas Pageant at the school, the school is called "St. Gerard" =D

Anyways, they have it on Netflix this year and it's one of my FAVORITE Christmas movies!

I love it! And I love it even more that I noticed that the school's name is "St. Gerard"!

What are you guy's favorite Christmas movies?

"Now come one, come all, to this tragic affair..."

It has taken me forever to actually sit down and get the C#m and Cm barre chords to that song! I've always known how to do it, but I have extremely weak fingers for a guitarist, so needless to say, me and barre chords are not best friends.

But today, I got it soundin' good =D

Fuck yeah XD

Okay, this is going to sound REAL fucking weird...

Do smells ever bring you back to certain times in your life?

For example, when my fiance and I first started hanging and started dating, his mom would use Downy fabric softener like CRAZY. Therefore, his jackets that he let me wear always smelt like that, his car always smelt like that, I loved it!

Well, we were walking through Wal-Mart last night, down the fabric softener isle and I was like "....WHAT'S THAT SMELL?!" and I went, found the fabric softener and said to him "Holy Shit, let's have sex. RIGHT NOW". He was so confused =p

Needless to say, I bought the fabric softener, put a sheet in

I despise retail.

My fiance's family holds a big Christmas Eve bash.

Our families live two hours away.

My fiance has to work from 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. on CHRISTMAS EVE.

Meaning we don't get to MB until 11 P.M. on Christmas Eve.

And the only day off he gets this week is Christmas.

And he most likely has to be to work at 7 A.M. the day after Christmas.

I despise retail.

Please, spare your loved ones the heartbreak and never work in retail.

Especially GameStop.