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Yay! I get to see my mom and sister today!

They're coming all the way to Charleston just to see me!

Well, technically, my sister is my music therapy case study and I have to assess her today. So they are coming all the way to Charleston to get assessed.

Still, I'm the music therapist, so they're coming all the way to Charleston to see me!! =D

Man, I'm excited. I haven't seen them since right after New Years.

Maybe they will brighten up my day =)

I think it's about time to go in to hiding...

For the next 3-4 months, I'm going in to hiding.

This is so that I can complete school work and concentrate on my physical health and avoid being distracted by friends, events and emotions.

I am going to do what I have to do to get straight A's this semester. Because I want to graduate at least Cum Laude. Possibly Magna Cum Laude (Summa would be impossible). And to do that, I'm going to need at least a 4.0 each semester from now until I graduate.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to let go of my emotional health for a while.

Oh gosh...scene kid...

My fiance is threatening me with becoming a scene kid O.O

Oh please no...

I need it. Like, pronto.

This is going to be really random and you guys are probably going to be like " this a joke post??", but seriously, I need sex, like NOW.

My fiance has been enamored with LBP2 (Little Big Planet 2, for all you non-gamers) and I cannot get him off of it.

Apparently playing a video game with a little character called a "Sackboy" is a lot more awesome than having sex.

Guys are so weird. They would sometimes legit rather just play video games than have sex. Then again, we have been together for 4 years.


Why do we enjoy taking on so much?

To say we did it? To have the right to complain? To feel accomplished? To seem accomplished? For us? For other people? To feel insane?


It almost gives you a natural high dedicating/holding yourself to such a high standard.

I have a huge serotonin rush when I sign up for clubs, classes, projects.

Fucking why??

Because what if I fail? I feel like shit.

What's wrong with me? Hold myself to a high standard literally makes me happier. Like a drug. But it can be so dangerous because when I take on too much, I crash.

Penn & Teller...Killjoys??

In Penn & Teller's BullShit, in season 6, the Porn episode...they use the term "Killjoys"



Does anyone else troll /b/?


I am OFFICIALLY a double major!!

Don't ask me what I was thinking when I declared it. Because I have no fucking clue. It was very impulse. And it requires me to stay an extra semester (which is fine, because I was going to be done a semester early anyways).

Anyways, the two degrees are Music Therapy and PSYCHOLOGY!

I figure, if I want to be a counselor and incorporate music therapy in to my sessions, that would probably be the best choice.

Plus, if you double major, studies show that jobs are more likely to pay you A LOT more money!

I'm going to have my B.A. in Music Therapy and my B.S.


I really have the best professor in the world.

My 8 AM professor, who is the head of the music therapy department, just text me 20 minutes ago and said "Due to inclement weather, the 8 AM class is canceled this morning. Stay home and be safe".

She really is AMAZING. She knows that all the commuters (which there are 4 out of 10 in my class, me being one) really don't want to drive in freezing rain. Especially when ambulances are driving by every few minutes. BECAUSE THERE ARE ACCIDENTS.

Ahh I love her. She's so incredibly smart.


Now I just have to get ready for my 10 AM class.

My school is NOT delayed...

My college is literally the only school in the area that is not delayed this morning.

All county schools are delayed.

Most private schools are canceled.

Even the other major college in the area is delayed until 11.

Even the CITY WORKERS are delayed until 10!

But not my university. Not good ol' Charleston Southern University. It doesn't matter that I have to drive on a major interstate while it is literally raining ICE to get there (see, I would say sleeting, but raining ice sounds so much more epic). It doesn't matter that there is a good possibility of there being black ice on the road.