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New Patton Oswalt?!
Wow, thanks Gee for mentioning that. My boyfriend and I are big fans of Patton Oswalt. And we thought that we were the only weirdos that laughed at his jokes (possibly on a daily basis). If no one else has heard any Patton Oswalt, he's definitely worth investing in. One of my favorite jokes is the Costco one. And Death Bed. And Tivo. And tons of other bits. He's fucking hilarious. I mean, I don't agree with his politics. But whatever. Not a big deal. He's still funny as fuck. Anyways, on my way to the Zune Marketplace to download the new CD XD
First MCR dream in a long time.
Oh my gosh. I'm not going to lie. It was awesome. Except for the last part. Which I will explain when I get there. So yes, as the title said, I had my first vivid MCR dream that I've had in a long time. It was amazing. I realized that I really miss the guys. You know, being the whole obsessed teenager, dressing up every time something big of theirs happened. Jeez, I even made cupcakes on the release date of TBP and they spelled out "Welcome to the Black Parade" and brought them to school (I wish I still had a picture. However, I've gone through like 4 computers since somehow.
Halloween time CANDLE!!
I have a candle and it smells like Halloween time!! You know the pumpkin ones. I'm so stoked for Halloween/fall time. I don't know why. Not like I'll be able to go home or anything. I'm just really excited! And it's still like two months away. AHHH COME FASTER!! I was thinking maybe I'd go as a zombie this year. You know, some ripped up clothes, red make up, liquid collodion. I could do the vampire thing, but these days just dressing like a normal person and wearing fangs is the big vampire thing.
Music Therapy TIME XD
I don't know why the hell they don't have funny music therapy icons. Us MT majors joke all the freaking time. Well, they have a really adorable icon of babies listening to giant headphones and sleeping but that's more like "awwww". Anyways, I got my clinical sight for this year!! I am working with 6-10 year old kids with autism. How exciting is that? And, even though I haven't really met with my partner yet to start planning, I already have a pretty good hello song. Would you guys like to know what it is? Doesn't matter if you want to know or not, because I'm gonna post it anyways.
First day of school?
So, I'm sure it's the first day of school for a lot of you. And if you are highly addicted to the internet, you're probably online right now. Like me. As for my picture, I was going to put up some girl in a school outfit where it says "I'll go to school if all girls dress like that" or one of an Asian school girl bent over and it says "fap fap fap", however, I like the dog one.
Animal Crossing.
So I'm sure I'm not the only casual gamer on here. Oh wait, just got a call. My brother and his wife are pregnant. Again. Hip hip hooray >.> You know, it wouldn't be that bad if I didn't TRULY dislike her. I'm not going to say hate, because I don't think I hate anyone. But I really don't like her. And they just had a baby not a year ago. He's adorable, in fact, I'll put a picture up for all to see. Anyways, they always dump the baby off on my mom to watch. Because my brother's in the military so he got that huge $10,000 bonus which = eating out and movies. Practically every weekend.
I will have the cleanest mobile home in alll the land!
So that is exactly what this blog is about. Cleaning up my house before I go back to school. Because guess what? My make-shift OCD and my strive for perfection will get in the way of my school work if I don't clean it before hand. Anyways what is my real reason for posting a blog? Because I'm bored as fuuuccccckkkkk. So everyone, TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE MCR SONG!!
Adding people like 5,000 times?
Um...WTF? Did anyone else get that? I only have two people added, but it added them like 5,000 times. Oh well. This is a new thing. Bound to have glitches. BTW, I love the kitty things. So I may be using those a lot. And the Demotivational posters. You guys will be seeing a lot of those too. So who else is excited for school?
Bloggin' on something other than myspace?!!??!
So I suppose this is suuuupier neat. I can blog more and more without annoying the living hell out of my myspace friends! How lucky all of you are. Haha. Firstly, since I happen to be amazingly bored at the moment, I'm going to say YAY!! I love MCR. When ever I hear or see (or touch or smell or taste O.o) anything about them, I basically go into fangirl mode and freak out. As I'm sure all of you do too. Secondly, I'd like to say that I am muy dissapointed that college will be starting up again next Tuesday.