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I found my identity!
I don't know if anyone remembers, but a few days ago I LOST MY PURSE!! Which did have my license, debit, and social in it. Well...I FOUND IT! It was lodged in my couch! How fucking odd.
I lost my identity.
Quite literally. I lost my purse. Which has both my boyfriend and mys debit card in it, my license, and worst of all, my social security card. Anyone could pick it up and say that they are me. Epic fail on my part. Now I'm going to have to go through the long process of retrieving it all. Maybe it won't be that hard because I have a passport (I went to Europe a few years ago). Or maybe I'll be lucky enough and someone turned it in to the music office at school.
Since this seems to be the popular trend (kind of, as far as putting bands and lyrics as titles) I figured why not? So this band...their name is Volbeat. They are a Danish rock band. They are FREAKING AMAZING!! Wiki as their genre as "Heavy metal" and "Groove metal". I almost agree with "Groove metal", but they are like a mix between The Misfits and 50's music. It's awesome. Everyone, go check out Volbeats music!! It is SO MUCH FUN!! My favorite song is The Garden's Tale. It's really pretty.
A withered past and a blurry future- ETF
I think I actually just want to make this post to show you "peeps" the three photos I found. So go look at all three. And then come back. Only so that I can say GFD FML college makes me want to pull out my hair. Last year wasn't that bad. But this's a lot harder. And it's only been two weeks!! I hope that all of you aren't enduring a terrible schooling system like myself. My college is a private Baptist college, so what do you know, they make their own rules. We don't get labor day off or any other holidays that normal colleges and universities get off.
If you were a guy, you'd probably be starin' at my chesticles ATM.
I bought this shirt and an undershirt to go under it and it REALLY pushes up my boobage area. I am naturally endowed in this area anyways, but having them pushed up makes me very very happy. Haha. That's actually about it >.>
9:30 Class CANCELED!!
My teacher has the flu. Probably the swine flu. Yay for us, sucks for him. But I think it's okay! Because that's AURAL SKILLS!! Have you ever wondered what walking through a field of barbed wire, rolling around in some salt, and then taking a shower in rubbing alcohol felt like? Just take Aural Skills when you get to college, even if you are not a music major!
Hot Topic
Has anyone else noticed that it hasn't been "About the Music" in a LONG LONG time? This is the first time I've been on their website in a while. I've been in there store maybe like 2 times in the past 8 months or so, only to go look to see if their clearence is as good as it used to be (it's not). Okay, lets talk about the website.
The Snuggie.
I'm sure you all have seen snuggies. The blanket with sleeves! Well, they've come out with a NEW commerical. Now you can get it in leopard print, zebra print, and for your dog! Not like all that fur does not make your dog pant enough, now throw a whole new layer of fur on him. He can be panting in FASHION! Come on. I'm sure they're comfortable, but also in the new commerical, they have EVERYONE at the game they're at wearing them and dancing around. Except for one guy. And apparently he's really sad because he is not warm and comfy. He does not fit in.
It's great.
Just as Gee said, the new Patton Oswalt CD was amazing. However, it wasn't as good as his older comedy. In his older stuff, you was a consistant laughter. Everything was pretty funny. In this CD though, it was like he built up a bunch of random times for one big laughter. Which I suppose equals out. Haha. I remember on his last CD he was telling the costco thing and he was being really sincere about it, like "building a moment" and then out of no where this guy is like "WOOOOO" and he's like "What the fuck? Fuck me for building a moment! That guy is like afraid of silence!
ever ever take prescription pills and then try to stay awake. It took me like 4 times to try to position my hands on the keyboard correctly. I seem to be thinking okay. But I take this pill. It's called Trileptal. It's originally an anti-convulsant or whatever pill, but they use it for mood stabilizing too. Apparently I over react. And I have GAD. Anyways, I took it. Because I was like "Hey, I'm ready to go to bed", but then approximately two minutes after that I looked around my house and was like " house is filthy!" This is the second time I've done this with this pill.