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Who else here has no GOD DAMN motivation to do anything at all?? I don't want to study, I don't want to clean, I don't even want to make brownies. FREAKING BROWNIES! Because everything feels like too much of an effort. Even typing this blog is pushing it. I really need to see my counselor about this.
That's a new term I coined... Creepy+people= creeples. Since I see a lot of creepy people these days, I found it an appropriated word to make up. And here are a few Demotivational Posters to make your day a little happier =D
I hope everybody watches Web Soup... Thank you twitter, bock bock.
Woah. Like almost three weeks.
I haven't posted a blog here in almost three weeks.
Not sure if anyone else read my blog about me getting in a car wreck, but yeah, totally fucking sucks! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go off someone right now. My boyfriend and I have gone a week without a car so far. Bumming rides off of people. We have shelled out over $70 in gas money so far and we're about to give out another $20. For four days. WTF?? We only spend $40 a week in gas (which is not bad considering we have to drive a good 80-120 miles a day during the week). Fortunatley my boyfriend's car is completely repairable. I mean, thank God that it is. He loves this car.
Car wreck.
Just got in my first really bad car wreck. Driving to go get my boyfriend from work. Took a left turn. Thought I had plenty of time. Dude sped up. Hit the back of my boyfriend's car. Took off the bumper. Did a complete 180. If any of you have never been in a really bad accident before, it's scary as shit. That happened over 3 hours ago and at this point, I never wanna drive again. Ever. My ankle, head, and over all body hurts. My boyfriend's friend who was on the right side, the one that got hit, well, the airbags deployed and his whole right side of his body hurts.
I have so much to do, so much to think about, so much to pay, so much to everything. I'm not sure I care about anything right now... I'm almost completely numb. So numb that I'm not even going to put up a hilarious picture. Because if I don't laugh at it, I don't put it up. I'm not going to say I "felt" the need to tell everyone this. Because like I said, I'm almost completely numb. I just did.
MCR shirt for $5??
So the DL is that every now and then Hot Topic does their super sell outs and everything on clearance is an extra 50% off. As much as I hate Hot Topic (as I wrote in my previous blog) I am not prude enough to refuse a sale. Especially a mega super sale. And guess what? Found the MCR ¡Venganza! shirt on sale for FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS!! Not sure if every HT is doing super mega sale this weekend, but just got to your local HT and check it out. MCR shirt for $5 is no joke.
Oh my gosh, who is completely stoked for this movie?! That would be me!! Unfortunately, I don't get to see it today. My abnormal psych class is tonight from 6-9 and I don't think I'll wanna go see it after I get out of a 3 hour lecture hall. However, I am going to see it tomorrow! I'm skipping my 2:00 English. I'm going home right after my clinical and then my boyfriend and I are going to see it. Yeah, I see early movies. What of it, punk?? Saves me money. BTW, three hour classes suck. And my teacher's name is Myrna. And she's boring. I do like learning the abnormal psych stuff though.
My finger tips burn.
So I have been playing guitar for the past hour and my finger tips BURN!! Oh they burn so bad! Because I barely played during the summer. And I have a test tomorrow in guitar. So I practiced for like an hour straight and now, typing is so painful! Anyways, this was just a blog to complain. And show you that awesome little kid. He's adorable XD