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Brahms Requiem
Not sure how many choir kids we have on this website, but my opinion is that every good choir kid should know of at least one requiem. And since last year at my university we song Brahms Requiem, I choose to post that. Here are the two parts of the 6th movement. It has a very Halloween sound (or maybe it does because we sang the whole thing near Halloween). It's great.
My boyfriend and I found this most amazing coffee the other day. It's Cinnamon Hazelnut. It's pretty much the most amazing taste ever. I can't tell you how many times I just want to scream AMAZING. I'm such a dork for really good coffee. Don't get me wrong though. I will not go out of my way and pay like $10 a bag. This one was only $6. Or like $4 a cup. Crazy much? One of the best places to get coffee is Dunkin Donuts. There's isn't too expensive. I used to be really big on Starbucks, but I'm more about their frozen coffee drinks.
Odd feelings...
I'm having really weird relapse feelings. I've never had relapse feelings quite this strong. I want nothing more than to just take a bunch of Ativan and drink a lot of alcohol. That would be amazing. I just want to be fucked up right now. The weird thing is, I never really had real addictions (I refuse to believe they were). I only did pills for like 2 years and alcohol for maybe 18 months. I guess they were both to extremes though. Haha, not like I was an alcoholic.
I just wanted to say that it's probably safe to say that EVERYONE on here LOVES Halloween. Am I wrong to assume that? I think it's almost a requirement of being an MCR fan haha However, I will say that a lot of people around me really dislike Halloween. First, I go to a Baptist college. It is inevitable that for over half the people at my college, their parents have taught them that Halloween is the devils holiday and stuff. It's their beliefs, so I respect that.
Uncharted 2
Ray posted something on twitter about Uncharted 2 and it reminded me of the commercial they have out "Dear Playstation: I've been playing Uncharted 2: Among thieves, but my girlfriend won't stop watching it because she thinks it's a movie" "This is pretty common Jason, I mean, just look at this game! You know, you got Nathan Drake's epic gun fights, impossible escape scenes, and a plot line filled with betrayal. Give her an hour or so, she'll know it's a video game" "'s been two days" *girlfriend walks in with bowl of popcorn* "Ready honey?" "Yeah" "...yeah.
Sammy Haggar
So I went to go look on Facebook and there is a picture of my dad hangin out with Sammy Haggar... kinda odd... I know he went to the concert, but still, my dad doesn't even have a facebook. Somebody else posted the picture. Someone I don't even know but that my cousin found and "shared" it all over facebook... today is odd.
Lip piercing
I think mine is finally getting infected! I did it myself three years ago and never really had a problem with it. But today, it's been really red and irritated and itchy (weird o.O). Meh. Does anyone else have any piercings?
I want to run. So far away. From reality. From realization. From help. I'm far beyond help. I'm far beyond away. So why am I still running? Because I have to. Sitting here will get me no where. Running further away from far away probably won't get me anywhere I want to be, but at least I won't be here.
oh mi gawsh o.O
So I had this dream that MCR asked everyone to design their own Helena costume for Halloween and show up at some place (basically like the contest they have going on now, except for they told EVERYONE to be Helena). Let me tell you, it was creepy. Everyone was in some sort of black and red dress. Whether it looked remotely like Helena's or not, everyone designed some kind of black and red dress. Including men. And they wore them. Except for me. I was the only one not in costume. Because I am not creative what so ever and I cannot sow to save my life.
Fucking MRI
I hate the fucking hospital. My psychiatrist requested I have an MRI or else he said I could not see him anymore. Well, considering I probably couldn't just go in to regular doctors office and request I get my medication through them, I pretty much was forced to go get that MRI done (mind you, this was back in March). Well FUCK ME for listening to my doctor. I now owe the hospital over $1000 and my radiologist $200 (yeah, that's how much I've paid since march. Only enough that I'm still over $1000). And that doctor $80. And another mental health place $480 for seeing me once.