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Yay Halloween!
Ah, this has been the biggest topic ever on these boards for the past month or so. So yeah, I haven't really had time to come on this website a lot in the past week. I've had a lot of school work going on (like usual). But I'd just like to say Happy Halloween to everyone and of course, a Happy Birthday to Frank =) Anyways, I got to go spend my day doing Halloweenie (haha weenie) things with my little sister who came two hours to see meee XD
New Between the Buried and Me
I am personally not too big into their music, but my boyfriend is. Their new CD is interesting. The music doesn't really go with what you'd expect next, if that makes any sense. Like if their guitars are moving down in half steps and you think it'd resolve a certain way it will go down like a 4th or something. I like the first track because it's not screaming. I don't like it when people scream a lot. Or excessively like they do. BTBAM...I think they are fairly good guys. Apparently they don't do drugs and I think that's awesome.
This is the first time since my accident a month ago that things have really gone right. I am so incredibly happy! So, as some of you may have read in one of my blogs like a month ago, I got in an accident. I was making a left turn and some guy hit me in the back quarter of the car. I was listed at fault because I was told that I failed to yield making a left turn. Today was my court date. I go in, sit there all nervous like with my boyfriend, dressed all professional and what not, no piercings in. You guys should have seen some of the people that came in the court room!
Kinda Paranoid as fuucckk
I was hanging out with this girl from my school and we just kinda became friends a few weeks ago, but this was the first time we've really kind chilled off of campus a little bit. Really, I just went to go get gas with her. But since there was no smoking on campus, she asked if it was okay with me if we pulled off behind a hotel so she could smoke cigarette. Whatever, not really a problem. She smokes her two cigarettes, we talk some, no big deal. Then she pulls out a pipe. I knew a good friend on campus was too good to be true.
I dislike
I dislike taking benedryll. It made me groggy and sleepy for 5 hours so far!! I took it at about 11 this morning because my allergies were killing me. And it puts me out for a lot of my day and I get nothing done. SAAAAADDDDD everyone should watch this
Yay! Cancer.
I found Cancer on piano and now I am switching it over to guitar by looking at the chords. Because that's what my teacher is requiring us to do for guitar class because we have to teach a new chord to the whole class and guess what? It has two new chords for us! A c#m and B/C (which is actually a barre, so I don't have to teach that). But other than that, we knew all the chords. So I'm happy! Yay for me. Yep. That's about it. P.S. In my title I wasn't saying "Yay! Cancer." as in cancer, the disease, is cool. Just that I'm happy I learned it on guitar by look at the chords =)
Power Chords
You know, I severely dislike power chords. It's because I was thrown into guitar learning just normal regular chords. But now that this is my second semester of guitar, I'm getting a bit more daring. I'm looking in to the power chords. Because I think most, if not all (correct me if I'm wrong), of MCR's songs, at least on the first two CDs, are power chorded up! So I just tried going through a couple. And I like it. It's not too terrible. When I first tried power chords when I first started playing guitar like a year ago or so, I was so angry at them. I was like "WTF?
I pretty much got it through my thick skull last night when my boyfriend and I were ARGUING about it that the haunted house is not going to happen. At least not a haunted house the size of our yard (even though it's a relatively small yard). Maybe we can do something with bloody white sheets, a black like, a strobe light, and a fog machine and then him dressed up as a guy with a chainsaw. Yeah. You know it's not going to work when there is arguing involved. Because then it's not fun anymore.
Something really random: Somebody at my Baptist College likes MCR too!! I'm so incredibly happy! I do not know who they are yet though. There's just someone's stuff sitting here next to the other computer and it says something about My Chemical Romance. AH! I am so exuberant to find out who this is!! Maybe if I sit here long enough, they'll come back XD But then I'd seem like a stalker. Blegh.
No good concerts!
No good concerts are coming near me at all within the next few months! It's like I have good concert repellant on! Except for Escape the Fate and Atreyu in three days at the HOB in Myrtle Beach. Oh wait, then The Used the Friday before Halloween. Then there are bands that I'm not TOO fond of like All-American Rejects, Dethklok, and Megadeath (where my boyfriend and his friend and I were almost killed by the fans because we weren't there to see Megadeath, just the opening band). So yeah. No good concerts!