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PLEASE do not bash religion.
There have been a few too many girls on here bashing Christianity because of the "haters" that have come on here trying to shove religion down our throats. Listen, there are still Christian people on this website that love MCR. So when we see people bashing Christianity, it really does upset us. I understand there are a lot of people out there that are going to make a certain religion bad by trying to shove it down your throats, but don't let them stand for the religion. Just please don't bash any religion on here.
Read here if you want free TACOS!
Um...just kidding. I have no free tacos. I don't even have tacos for me =( I have franken berry though. I suppose that's pretty good. Anyways, on a more serious note, I noticed that a lot of you have a lot of depression, anxiety, and overall issues. I am a music therapy major (sophomore!). Since my population is going to be adolescents with behavioral and mental disorders, I figured this is a great place to kind of get a better hold on it more so.
You know what's great about the weekend??
You always get a second day to get done as much as you planned to get done the first day. Second chances are great. I don't know if anyone else remembers me writing my huge blog yesterday about the fair, asthma attack, and sex, but at the beginning I basically mentioned how productive I wanted to be. Did not happen. I got dishes done? That was it. I don't know if any of you watched the whopper eat off or whatever on MCR's main page, but me getting just the dishes done was as big a dent as that guy made taking his first bite. Not very big at all.
Loverly Saturday XD
(you guys should read all of this. I tell of my adventures at the fair! XD) I hope everyone is having a loverly Saturdayy. Mines pretty good so far. I made a list out of things I need to get done in the next three days including taking care of bills, problems, cleaning the house, doing homework and other important things. My morning's actually moving pretty slow though. Haha. It's about 12:36 here, I woke up around 9:30 and so far I made my list of things to do, had a cup of coffee, watch Spongebob Truth or Square, and had breakfast. Then came on here.
Just thoughts (this could be triggering to people with problems).
This is long. So if you bare with me, I would appreciate it. I just kind of feel the need to get heard by strangers. I feel comfortable on this website. Babbling to a bunch of strangers about my random problems. Since I have so many of them, unlimited blogging space is the way to go. And guess what? No body I know is on here. NO BODY. Which means that whatever I say, only random strangers read. Like for example, the tiny eating disorder that I had three years ago still messes me up today. Everyday I'm conscience about who's looking at me while I eat. Everyday I would love to just not eat.
T-minus 34 minutes.
(First off, I'm boring. Sorry you had the misfortune of opening my blog, but I have to type somewhere.) T-minus 34 minutes until I will take a test that will practically decide whether I pass abnormal psych or not. NOOOOOOO. I was in a wonderful mood this morning. I was on a natural high. And now as the day is winding down, I feel the complete opposite. However, like I said, I still have a test to take. And I have to make charts for our Music Therapy closet here at school. And I have to practice piano. oh joy. oh joy.
I am in such a good mood for not particular reason!! I am going to get so much shit done today it's un-fucking-believable!!! I feel so awesome right now it's amazing. I have no clue why!! BUT I LOVE IT!!! YAY MCR!! XD
Living in the past
How many of you try, much like myself, to live in the past? It's not easy to do if you're still in high school. You still have the same friends and the same drama going on and the same people you see every day. It is my second year of college, two hours away from where I used to live, and I find my myself checking up on random people's myspaces from high school every now and then. Just to see if they are the same, talking to the same people, still together, and everything. As much pain as my middle school and high school years brought me, I do miss it. It almost defined who I was.
First, here are a few post Halloween pictures XD I had a pretty decent Halloween. Like I mentioned before, my boyfriend and I bought a tiny strobe light, a black light, and some glow in the dark spider webs. We put some spider webs on the front door and then some on the window that's closer to the street. Then we put the strobe light over the window and the black light right in front of the door. And then on our tiny porch we put white trash bags on it and squirted fake blood all over it. It looked pretty neat. However, my fluctuating moods got in the way of my fun.
First off, I never got around to planning the haunted house in my yard. I kind of predicted it because of school being so crazy, but I'm still really disappointed. On a happier note though, we bought some of the glow in the dark spider web, a black light, and a tiny strobe light. We are putting the spider web all over our front door and then hanging the black light over it.