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Oh Black Friday fun =)

Just so everyone knows, Hot Topic was having shitty sales. My boyfriend and I were in the mall at 6 AM for other places, so we decided to go look at Hot Topic. Psh. I don't even know why they bothered opening. Not to mention, everything in their store is Twilight shit. Which almost makes me embarrassed to be a Twilight fan because of how much all their shit is advertised.

Anyways, first place we went was Best Buy. It was crazy. The line wrapped around the building. So we went in and my boyfriend got Dragon Age Heroes and the fourth season of Weeds.

What I am more than thankful for =)

Here I go!

My family and my boyfriend (they have to go on the same line because they are both equally important to me)
The fact that I'm able to go to college
That my boyfriend has a job in this economy
That my brother has been save so far in the National Guard
Everybodies health
And other things =)

Pumpkin Cheesecake!

My mother and I be making deh pumpkin cheesecake for tomorrow. Not like we have many people coming over. We have everyone who is already here, my mother, father, and my sister. Then there is myself and my boyfriend. And then there is my brother, his wife, and their baby. Then there is my mom's cousin, her brother, her husband, and their daughter and her significant other. So what, that's like 13 people?? Ooo. 13. My lucky number.

I saw New Moon today for the second time. AAHHHHHHHHMAZING!! Even better the second time.

It's almost 2 A.M. here.

Jonas Brothers....

I don't know how many of you have have heard any Jonas Brother's songs, but there is this one. It's called "Poor Unfortunate Souls". The song has a sound that is very closely related to MCR's sound. And like some of us were discussing before, the beginning of their Camp Rock song "Play My Music" has a beginning guitar riff that bares a striking resemblance to "Dead", besides that fact that it's in a different key and uses a softer sounding guitar.

Hm...It's quite odd. Just thought I'd mention that. I mean, maybe they listen to MCR or something...I'm not sure. Weird...

New blog time?

I haven't really written anything on here since the websites been all new and fancy.

As of right now, I am stuck at school and it's 7:30. My first class isn't until 9:30. However, it's a terribly hard class. We have quizzes every time we meet which is only once a week. Some people would die for a class like this. And I've talked about it here before. It's called Aural Skills. Basically we listen to complicated music melodies and then complicated SATB things and then intervals and then the most complicated sight singing ever. And we do that all. We don't have nearly enough practice.


Holy fucking shit.

I love the new stuff on here. You can write messages to people? Fuck yeah.

Anyways, I actually just came on here to have a fan girl moment and say OH MY GOD, NEW MOON WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!

Cannot wait until June 30th, 2010. Eclipse (which was my favorite book).

Ah conformity
I am a slave to conformity. Me and survey's are best friends.
I swear, if I read of one more person say "emo people" or "emo kids", I'm going to lose it. Go ahead, type "emo" in at Does it come up as a word? That's what I thought. "Emo" is used as an abbreviation for the term "emotive hardcore" which is a sub genre of music. So if you use the word "emo" and you're talking about music, guess what? I don't really care. That's fine, great, dandy. But seriously, if I read of one more person using "emo" to describe a person, I will internet punch them in the ballzz. Like srsly hardcore. You can call me picky, whiny, bitchy, whatever.
Happy Friday the 13th!!
Happy Friday the 13th!! I hope everyone is celebrating it well. Or not at all. Whatevs. I love Friday the 13th. Okay yeah, that's all I had to say XD
I posted a blog early today (or yesterday...? It's been a long day) about people disrespecting religions and how it was wrong and thankfully I got a lot of positive feedback from that. That makes me really happy to know that people are really thinking about what they say. However, people need to be respectful over all!! This is ridiculous. I just saw a girl reply to a post that was probably the most disrespectful thing I have read on this website yet! That girl should know who she is and if not, I will be happy to point it out. Come on, being respectful should go without saying.