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I forgot her name on here, but I just took this from her.

1) What's your name/screenname (or alter ego)?
Well, my name is Jeannette. My SN on here is DDRgurl713 (quite obviously). And that's about it. As far as alter ego, I assume that goes for RPing and what not. Which I used to do but I don't anymore.

2) Where do you currently live?
South Carolina.

4) How old are you?
I am 19. I'll be 20 in May!

5) How old were you when you first listened to MCR?
Very first? Like 12. But when I listened to them and then got into them? I had just turned 15.

6) How long have you been a fan?
I've been a

I'm about to cry.

All the money I was going to spend on Christmas is gone. We had to cancel our satellite because it was an "obstruction" in the lawn (because they couldn't find a place on our house to put it and pick up signal). $270 cancellation fee. I was going to buy Christmas presents with that. And I don't even have all the money! My work study pay check is going to be $140. And then when I sell my books back, that should be $100. So all I have is $240 and I still fucking owe them another $30. You have to be kidding me. I can't deal with this. Not this time of year. Not with so much going on.

It's amazing what you'll find when you just open your eyes- FFTL

So there was a kid in a white car, and I think I know who he is, he was driving on campus, blasting "I liked you better before you were naked on the internet" by From First To Last and I decided I must become best friends with him.

I don't think any of you realize what a rare occasion this is. This is a Baptist college! Now, I have met another guy who likes Avenged Sevenfold, however, he said he was leaving next semester. But if I know who this one kid is, which I'm sure I do, I would love to become friends with him. Old FFTL is more my speed compared to A7X.

I could slap a hoe...

As if school need to get worse! One of my favorite teachers might be fired.

First, let me lay this out for all of you. He is an extremely laid back teacher. No homework. When we have test, he helps us out. Because it's a Music Theory class. Most of our test consist of composing some kind of stuff. The thing is, he teaches, however, if you don't pay attention or ask, you will fail. Not fail the course, because he literally gives everyone hundreds, but you just don't know anything. Which there are a few people in our class that are not willing to work.

Sleep time for me...

Ugh. I have to write this stupid paper on the superstition in Huckleberry Finn. Honestly, I could care less. Fuck you Mark Twain for using a fake name and writing a shitty book with an even shittier ending. You probably wrote more shitty books, but I don't care enough to know.

So instead of writing it, I'm just going to go to bed. I ate pizza earlier and I feel so bloated. I feel like I'm retaining more water than the fucking Atlantic Ocean.

Why does food make you feel shitty?

Why is "shitty" my word of this blog??

Oh my gosh, I've stopped caring.

Umm..push me to do shit.

I need someone to just straight up yell at me and tell me to get shit done. I have to, mentioning once again, fold all of those clothes, read a book, and then write a paper. I have to have two solo songs to have memorized. And I have to listen to a song and grab the chords from it by listening (will probably undoubtedly be 'Heaven Help Us' because it doesn't sound too difficult, sounds like standard chords) for my guitar class. Oh and then after this week I have finals. On top of about 10 choral concerts in the next 3 weeks.

Oh posting blogs at 9 A.M.

I shouldn't be awake. It is 9 A.M. on a SUNDAY!! But I am awake. My boyfriend had to go to work. And so when his 50 alarms started going off, that's when I decided that I should be awake and moving.

I don't know if any of you remember this show, in fact, I'd actually be quite surprised if no one did, but I got this sudden urge to watch Rugrats. The episode where they go to the movie theater to see something other than the Reptar movie just popped in to my head.

Woo. Yay for random MCR lyric saying/typing! Those were in my head for some reason.

So my boyfriend's friend is coming over tonight. And they are going to drink beer. Do you know what that means for me? PICKING BEER CANS UP AT 7 A.M! That's all I want to do on a Sunday morning >.>

But that means that I can drink as well. Since I don't have to drive anywhere. Too bad I think beer is disgusting.

Me and being productive weren't really getting along today...

So I put up a post earlier about how I was going to discipline myself and get shit done, right?


Epic productiveness fail.

So instead, I put up pictures of stuff from Halloween and Thanksgiving. First is a picture of my nephew, most adorable fun loving baby EVER!, then it's my sister at Halloween pointing at the failure haunted house we made, then it's my boyfriend and I because...well...we're cool. And he was drunk. Haha.

It never fails...

Ah, it never fails on a day at home that I end up on the internet before I do anything important...

I always tell myself "I am going to get the house clean or get my homework done before I let myself on the computer or turn on the TV!!"

Almost always I either find some excuse to get on the internet like pay a bill or something or turn on the TV while I eat breakfast (well, lunch because I woke up at noon). Today it was get on the internet to pay my Best Buy credit card bill because it was due today and well, it's actually still considered late because the payment doesn't go through for 2