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Finally wrote my guitar song!

(I need opinions, so read all the way through please!)

It is written! A little background on why it had to be written:

I'm in a class called guitar for music therapist. Because I'm a music therapy major. So one of our final projects for the year is to write a song for the population we're interested in and use it in a mock clinical in the classroom.

My choice of population is adolescents with behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, bi-polar and anything else that falls under that category, including psychotic disorders like schizophrenia.

The song I wrote was for a teenager with


I have a friend in choir and we had a concert today. I was speaking to her right before the concert and I was like "Man, I didn't get to sleep until two and then I woke up at eight and couldn't go back to sleep". She was like "I hear ya. I went to sleep at two and then my manager at work called and woke me up at five so we could go check on this girl that's suicidal at work. We found her dead". I was dumbfounded. I was like "Was she your friend? Are you okay?!" and she's like "We hung out outside of work and we were pretty close.

We are not a community of haters.

Yes, this blog was made because of another blog that was made yesterday that upset me. Just saying that before anyone thinks I'm secretly trying to "burn" someone.

I made a blog about this a LONG time ago. Like within the first couple of weeks of me being on here. Because there were a few people fighting back and fourth over mere opinions and people being really rude to each other. I admit when I made my "emo" blog a while back, I was a bit bitchy. But it wasn't over opinion. It was because "emo" is not a real term, it's an abbreviation, and it's definitely not used to describe people.

I could slap a hoe!

Damn it, I really dislike my brother's wife!

See, I took pictures of their baby because I love taking pictures of him. He is an incredibly photogenic child. So, while I was at my parents house for Thanksgiving I took tons of pictures of him and put them on my myspace. She goes and she takes all of them!! What the fuck?! Does she expect me to document her child so that she can just take the pictures?! She just wants the pictures without the work of taking them! What a fucking hoe. It's time to kill some bitches!

Meh. I'm going to go pee and then go pick up my boyfriend.

Happy birthday to the ground!!

Oh Lonely Island, what would we do without you?!

I'm eating some yucky Mexican In a White Oval Shaped Bowl thing and it makes me want to puke. I make Mexican much better than these corporate fools do! And I have not a trace of Hispanic in me! I'm sure most of their workers are Mexican (not to be raciest). HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO TO THE GROUND!!

Meh. I need to clean my house. Wow. I just realized how bad I feel for all you MCR fans on this website. I complain about how I have to clean my house at least 3-4 times every weekend! And it's not that I never get it clean.

Damn it.

I just realized that in my profile picture for this website I didn't have my lip ring in when I took it. Awe. But my lip ring makes me like 2000% cooler =/

I have to write a song for music therapy guitar class. Oh shit, and come up with a whole population it would work with. LAMEEE. I'm not a very good song writer. I have almost no imagination. And I'm cold. And I have to pee.

I steal survey's like a bandit.


It's a hard choice. I know that RHPC will be one of my favorites forever.

I haven't read them at all actually. Does that make me a bad MCR fan? By no means.

Anything MCR.


Yep. I love coffee.

Twilight series (not saga!).

Oh, there is no favorite.

I have no clue.

It's sooo cold =(

My house is so cold. I have the heater on 67. And it's only 52 out. But we are in South Carolina. December is our warmest winter month! Especially since "global warming" is happening >.>

I'm not quite sure what to talk about. Except that I'm cold. And when I got on the computer, this was the second website I came to. Awe. You guys should feel special. I love all of you on this great MCR website of awesome!

I just woke up about 30 minutes ago. To wake up at 10:15 is really late for me. But not like I have much to do today. I might put up Christmas decorations tomorrow.

I think I may get some


Just saying, everyone should watch Weeds. It's on Showtime. But you can't start at just whatever episode they are playing on TV. You have to start from season one and watch all the way up to five. I haven't watched five yet because, well, it's not out on DVD, and I don't have Showtime. But season four left a pretty big cliff hanger. Sooo yeah. I'm about to go crazy.

SO GO BUY SEASON'S ONE THROUGH FOUR NOW! You will be hooked. The only way you can truly get addicted to Weed....

I have happy stuff for you guys!!

Alright, first picture you might have to expand to see. But the main point is, is that I brought my sister to a volleyball game at my old middle school. Let's see, my last year there was 2003. Anyways, I went in to go pee, and these are fairly new bathrooms by the newly built gym, I think they were built my last year there, or possibly the year after. But some 6th, 7th, or 8th grader vandalized the school bathroom (carved it in the metal) with MCR happiness!! Oh, that's a joy to see.