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R.I.P. James Owen Sullivan

The drummer for Avenged Sevenfold died last night (I can see that some of you know already).

A7X is my boyfriend's favorite band. We were going to bed last night about 1 A.M. when he got a text from his friend that said "Did you hear the news?" and he text him back and was like "What news?" at that point I got up to go pee. Within like 30 seconds I hear my boyfriend scream "Oh my God, The Rev died".

So he called up his friend and told him that he appreciated him telling him.

We talked about it a little while. He was pretty upset last night. Then he was like "Well, it could be a rumor.

I think I'm getting proposed too...

Not to ruin the surprise....

but I really think I am. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three years. Our anniversary is Feb 5th. We live together right now.

So let me tell you all my clues!

Well, on Christmas I got this bracelet from Kay Jewelers (that's the place he goes for everything. Our first Christmas together he got me the Journey Necklace and then our first anniversary he got me a promise ring). So I open it up and it's this beautiful diamond heart bracelet that his aunt helped him pay for.

I'm ready for summer again.

If there is something about yourself that you don't like, change it, right?

Otherwise you live a lifetime of regret wondering "What would have happened if I would have changed it when I said I wanted to?"

I could just come to terms with myself and accept it. However, this thing that I want to change isn't healthy. That's why I want to change it. And to be mentally healthier as well. And to feel awesome about myself and not feel like shit all the time (which I suppose goes under mentally healthy).

And I can't just do it. It takes time. Management. Planning. Will power. A large support team.

Merry Christmas to me and my bank account >.>

Yay. Dish Network for some unGodly reason charged me a $221.17 cancellation fee TWICE. Which caused me to overdraft.

I called and I took care of it. But seriously, on Christmas Eve? The day before Christmas?? What fucking fuckers! Why in the fuck would they do that??

Anyways, posting a blog about it is my way of getting over it. So there. I'm done with it.

I hope that everyone has a great Christmas. As of right now I'm still two hours away from home. I have to wait for my boyfriend to get off of work (he's a manager at GameStop.

Christmas presents! I have to talk about them! >.<

I got my boyfriend Christmas presents yesterday! It was fun. I don't feel as if I got him enough though.

So here is what they be! Because I'm a terrible secret keeper so I have to tell someone!

-$15 iTunes card (because I won't let him spend real money on them because I'm REALLY mean)
-Picture frame that has three slots that I'm going to put three pictures of us in
-DC comics sleep pants (they had Mario, but only in small and medium >.< but I put up a picture of them, not one I took though. Psh, doesn't snow here!)
-The new Rocaware IX cologne that's in a sick ass bottle and smells freaking

Just when you think things are starting to even out...

Life hands you some more lemons you can't quite make in to lemonade.

So my boyfriend wakes up this morning at 7 A.M. to leave for work to find that his car battery is dead. Let me tell you how much sense this does not make:

-We just bought it last year in May of 2008
-Brand new last year. It is a 2008.
-We never leave the lights on.
-We never leave the doors open.

Why would a brand new 2008 car battery die a year and a half from buying it? How much sense does that make?

I thought that everything was going fine. I finished out the semester, passing everything. I'm done with choral concerts.

Control completely lost?

I hope not.

I love having control over situations.

But what sucks about that is that when I start to lose control, I freak out and try to over control something else in my life.

My boyfriend always gets the worst end of it. Whenever I'm stressed about me not being able to pay bills or me not making the deans list because of ONE class (my most recent one) and I lose control over those situations he constantly hears "Why didn't you pick up your socks?" "You can't eat a cookie, we're about to have dinner" "Clean up your stuff" "Stop playing video games and come to bed with me".

I even annoy

Good news!

I don't owe Dish Network $270, I owe them $221.17 (they really stressed the 17 cents).I mean, I still owe them over $200, but not having to owe them another $50 helps.

More good news, I got $44.50 for my DSM! The bad news is, well, I sold my DSM =/ I feel so naked without it.

I'm thinking that I might have to sell my Intro to Music Therapy book. It has a lot of good information in it, so that makes me sad. But apparently it's worth around $32. And I think after I sell that, I should be good. With my work study money coming and everything, I really should be fine.

I really hate being an

When life gives you lemons...

When life gives you lemons, throw them on the ground, stomp all over them, face the sky and scream "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU GIVE ME FUCKING LEMONS, LIFE?! I HOPE THE ANTS BURN IN THEIR CITRIC ACID!!"

As many of you know (well, assuming that my blogs are actually read by people), I've had quite the few problems lately. Like I have said, I need to come up with $470 by the end of the month (I think I said $500 before). That's half of my boyfriends income for a whole month.

Well, I have decided that I will no longer get upset or angry at things, I will just laugh.

When I need a moment...

I hope the video loads. If it doesn't, I'll post an additional link in the comments.

I notice that things have become a problem on here when all the sudden I'm posting more rant blogs than actual talking blogs. Things have been difficult for me and my moods out of control and I've been stupid and impulsive and vulnerable. We all know that music works to help with emotions. Believe me, I love lashing out to Escape The Fate, FFTL, A7X, and of course, MCR. But honestly, when things start getting REAL bad, I think I need something a little deeper.

Not to go all religious on you guys, but this