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Going out for a midnight jog?

Feels good man.

I'm 21 and I got in a teen club (for ages 13-19 only!)

Is it really lame that I feel awesome for that?!

My sister (14) and her friend (13) wanted to go to a club for teens only. The age limit is 13-19. Well, I told them I would take them, because that's how awesome I am, but if the club didn't let me in as their 21 year-old-supervisor, they weren't allowed to go in. The bouncer didn't even give me a second look. Didn't even look at me weird. Just let me right on by.

I feel like I look so young and it's great! I don't look old!!

But putting aside the whole "I feel awesome for looking so young" part, they have really horrible security.

MCR concert or WEDDING?!

That's my heartbreaking decision!

To spend money on tickets for MCR concert or to save money for my wedding (which is now less than 7 months away O.O)

Who do you think would be more understanding: MCR or my fiance?

Do you think MCR would understand that I can't go to their concert because I need to save money for my wedding?


Do you think my fiance would understand that I can't save money for our wedding because I NEED to go see MCR in concert one last time before I get married (well, unless they tour near me again before February)?

I mean, he'd be coming with me to both (the concert and

My summer music camp kids LOVED MCR!!

I was a counselor at a music camp at my college and I had a good few kids who love MCR!! I was so excited! Kids these days are generally into that Lady Gaga thing or Ke$ha (spelled with a dollar sign from what I remember...) or whatever. But not, there were a decent amount of my kids that LOVES MCR!!

I'm so happy that the world's young generation hasn't gone to completely shitty music just yet =)

Took my 14-year old sister to her first concert!

I took my 14 year old sister and her 12 year old friend to their first concert last night!

It was Runner Runner, Yellowcard, and Good Charlotte.

My sister has been a fan of GC for a while, so I figured since they were coming to the area, why not let them be her first concert!

We were in the pit, closer to the front of the stage and right in the front of center stage.

Who has their CONCERT TICKETS?!?!

...not me =(

I'll be REALLY lucky if I get to buy them. No money. What so ever. This last Atlanta concert wiped me out of cash. Think about it. For 2 people it was: $200 for plane tickets (gas and expenses on the car would have cost more), $100 for the concert tickets, $200 for hotel for two nights and $100 for food. That's $600!!

Don't get me wrong, there is a way to do it cheaper. For example, we could have stayed at a shitball hotel instead of the Marriott. Because lets face it, no matter where you're staying in Atlanta, as soon as you walk out of your hotel, hobos are gonna attack you.

Petition: MCR tour in South Carolina!

(Sign and pass on petition at the bottom!)

It has been 6 years since My Chem has made their last visit to South Carolina. I think I would remember, because I went to that show at the House of Blues in N. Myrtle Beach (Wednesday, October 12th, 2005).

The show before that?

If I remember correctly, it was November 6th, 2004, once again at the HOB. I did not go to this show because I wasn't completely enamored with them at this point.

And then the other one, that my fiance happened to go to (because of A7X) was on April 21st, 2004 at the Music Farm in Charleston.

My Morning Jacket- "Circuital"- Out Tuesday, May 31st!

My fiance ordered the special edition, so we've already received it and it is WONDERFUL!!

Go pick up a copy! =)

MCR Concert: Atlanta, GA: May 11th, 2011: Live video "Mama"

Here's a live video of 1 min and 31 secs of "Mama" from the May 11th, 2011, Atlanta, GA MCR concert at the Tabernacle.

Apologies for shitty sound quality, it was taken on an iPod.

Enjoy =)

MCR Concert: Atlanta, GA: May 11th, 2011: Live video "WTTBP"

Here's just a 2 min and 1 sec clip that I took of "WTTBP".

I'll put up a small clip that I took of "Mama" as well in just a moment.

The reason that they are from TBP album is because TBP is probably the only album I was able to keep most calm during haha. I didn't want to take a video and it be me just jumping around, because that would obviously be shitty.