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I posted a blog earlier saying that if I could only play an hour of Sims 3, then I had self-control.

That was at 1 P.M.

I stopped playing at 10 P.M.

....9 hours.


I played the Sims literally 9 times more than I planned to. WTF??

Other than that, my fiance is listening to the 90s one hit wonders. I miss those songs. Those were the days.

And also, I found my preferred poison! My doctor has me on vyvanse, in hopes to control my ADHD-esque symptoms. And it works wonderfully. I love concentrating and getting shit done.

But I have anxiety about getting stuff done that legitimately

Here I go, about the play the Sims 3.

If any of you remember, I come on and said that I had played the Sims 3 for three weeks straight, fucking addicted. And then I decided to have it locked up while my fiance was working so that I wouldn't play it and I would get shit done.

Well, yesterday, I had it unlocked. And I played for 6 hours straight. Not as bad as before, but still pretty bad.

So now, today, I am going to try actual self control. I am only going to play for 1 hour and that is it. No exceptions.

You guys will know if it works if I come back in an hour and I'm like "I FUCKING HAVE SELF CONTROL!!!" XD

For those of you who want to learn to play "Fiction" on piano...

Here is a youtube video of a guy playing it. You can pretty much see the notes he's playing and go back to your keyboard/piano and figure it out =)

He's pretty fucking amazing. A little fast, but who the fuck cares, he figured it out by ear.

Enjoy xD

Cool story, bro.

Haha. Somebody posted this picture a few blogs down and I thought it would make a good "cool story, bro" moment XD

Sorry for it being all pixily and what not. I had to stretch it quite a bit.

Enjoy =)

Survey quiz thingy. Yarp. Sure did it.

Did I do this because I'm bored or because I want you guys to know how fucking badass I am?! You decided XD

smoked (x)
consumed alcohol (x)
slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex (x)
slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex (x)
kissed someone of the same sex (x)
had sex (x)
had someone in your room other than family (x)
tried drugs (x)
taken painkillers (x)
taken someone else’s prescription medicine (x)
lied to your parents (x)
lied to a friend (x)
snuck out of the house (x)
done something illegal (x)
felt hurt (x)
hurt someone (x)
wished someone to die (x)

I want to have an open discussion on this topic.

Earlier I had posted my review on the new A7X album and then I posted my review on the song "Fiction"- the song being written by The Rev himself and his self proclaimed masterpiece.

I want all of you to go out there and listen to the song RIGHT now on youtube.

After you do so, come back here.

The question is:

In your opinion, do you think that "Fiction" was intentionally meant to be Jimmy's goodbye song and that he committed suicide by purposefully over dosing?

Once again, open discussion. I want to here what you guys have to think.

My review of "Fiction"- the Revs supposed "masterpiece".

**Another warning, like my last blog. If you do not like hearing about things before they come out, don't read this. My review of the song "Fiction" is going very in depth and will include many of my theories, or I suppose "hypotheses". If you do not want my opinions influencing yours, please, listen to the song before you read this**

...oh, P.S., this is VERY long, so keep with me! There is no way to make this short and I know many of you like to surpass blogs that seem lengthy. But believe me, it's so worth it.

As my title says, there is a song on the new A7X album called "Fiction" and it

**Before I start, this is a legit warning. If you do not like hearing about things before they come out, do not read this. I will be talking about some specifics.**

Being the HUGE fan my fiance is, he found a torrent of the new A7X album.

Now, before I really get in to details, let me say, this next tour they do is RUMORED to be their last. Which almost obviously says that this album is rumored to be their last. Knowing that rumor helped me to really understand this album a decent bit more, so I'm really thinking the rumor is true. However, like I said, I heard it as a rumor, not fact.

Do you ever feel people create drama JUST to have drama? O.o


On facebook, I have many, many "friends". Mainly ridiculous people from my high school I never cared about that want to add a billion people for the fact of stalking everyone they've ever known. Ever.

Basically, I saw this one girl, that I had talked to a few times, post something. It said something along the lines of:

"Why do SOME people gotta start drama in their status updates?! That's ridiculous. SOME people need to stop posting their problems with me, creating stupid drama and just come tell me to my face!!"

^^ Um....?? O.o

Hypocrisy much??

Not like she was talking to me or

MCR's album leak.

Just thought I should mention...

It's interesting that they already have an album leak when A7X's new album comes out in a few days and it hasn't had any leaks.

They must have leaked it themselves or must have some really jerky insiders working for them.