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The Dresden Dolls

This hasn't happened in a while, but I have a Dresden Dolls song stuck in my head.


What's weird is, that was never one of my preferred songs. Especially because they did a music video of it with P!ATD (and I was fairly against their music back in high school). But I've grown more accustom to it I suppose.

I'm in an oddly ambitious mood. I WANT TO PAINT WALLSS! I WANT TO FIX DOORSS! I WANT TO FUCK SOMETHING!! (<---Hot Tub Time Machine reference there XD)

Oh, my fiance got his Book of Nightmares in! It's very interesting! However, he's still waiting for his lithograph.

Internet Exploder.

I just thought that for all of you that has Microsoft Windows, "Internet Explorer" should now be called "Internet Exploder". Think about it. It always completely fucks up and gets slow at some point. And that's when you end up downloading FireFox or Opera instead.

Anyways, other than that, I'm hear to bitch about real life.

Real life being my fucking WATER BILL O.O;;

Most water bills in the area run anywhere from $20-40, depending on the amount of people you have in your household and how much water you use.

Haha wtf??

Sounds like shit went down last night?

Even though I have not a CLUE of what it was about, other than apparently there were stupid rumors involved, that's crazy that shit went down on a fucking website.

A website.

The internet.


There are constantly rumors about everything always going around the internet. No need to get upset over any of them.

Anyways, I suppose everything worked out okay?

If not, it better be okay soon. Because it's the internet. A rumor on the internet. Not even a rumor in person. It was on the world wide web.

Things will be fine.

I hope everyone has a

The new album!!

Okay, I have often noticed many post (whining) about the new album and how we have no updates and what not.

Well, instead of making post and blogs about that, why don't we have a discussion and let the boys know how pumped we are for it?

So questions are:

What do you think the new album is going to sound like?

Do you hope the sound will go heavier or lighter than TBP? Why?

Is there any band in comparison you would like for the album to sound like? Or any past MCR's albums?

My fiance got his FIRST facebook yesterday!!

He hates myspace, facebook, twitter, formspring, all that shit (bad memories of myspace and his ex harassing him on it).

But he got his first facebook yesterday! It was originally work related because GameStop is promoting a game that is ONLY on facebook called Gansta Zombies. Because he loves/hates his job so much and wants to do well, he got a facebook to get more of an insight on this game.

What happened is he ended up on FarmVille. And he tried to get me to play it by saying he was lonely out in the wilderness and had a sad llama.

The Rev's doppelganger??

I find it hard to believe that over a year ago when I first met this guy I didn't come on here and immediately tell you all, considering the decent amount of A7X fans we have on here.

At the beginning of last summer, my fiance and I went in to Play 'N Trade (basically a smaller GameStop). We go in and look at the old Nintendo games, Game Cube games, all of those. Then a guy who apparently kinda worked there, but wasn't working that day came in. He looked exactly like the Rev. Facially, there was an amazing comparison. Body type, the way he walked, the way he talked. Fucking crazy.


That would be a Billy Madison moment for all of you who love Adam Sandler =)

I fixed my Wii Balance Board! What was wrong was that the hole in the battery cover that the sync button went through was too small. So sometimes when I would step on it, it would hit the sync button and turn it off.

But, I got through two whole stepping activities without it turning off!! AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

I hope it keeps up XD

The Wii Balance BOARD!!

Yay for nifty Japanese video game exercise devices!!

Does anyone have the Wii fit??

If so, does anyone happen to be a Wii balance board genius?!

Because I'm having a fuck load of a problem that I need help fixing.

Most of you will ignore this, but I'm pretty fucking serious. If anyone knows ANYTHINGGGG, please, message me.



I only played the Sims for 20 minutes over what I said I was going to play it for even despite being called 3 times by my fiance.

Compared to yesterday, where I played 9 hours instead of 1, I would say that's pretty good.

Random and useless blog =D

Okay, legit self-control WILL happen, damnit!

The Sims 3 is going to happen again.

Last night, when I said I would play for an hour, I made too many exceptions. I said "Well the building of the house doesn't count and if people call me to talk, I have to pause the game, so that doesn't count".

Well, I am on a legit time constraint today. I have to go pick up my visiting friend at 3 P.M. Which means house needs to be clean, work out needs to be done, and groceries need to be shopped for.

So from 11 A.M. to noon I am going to play the Sims 3 and that is IT. NO exceptions!

You all best be checking on me =)

Wish me luck!