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I bid you adieu...

But only for a while. School starts again tomorrow, so I can't imagine for the next 4 months or so I'm going to be having much MCR time. I will get on as much as possible, read up on all the hilarious things you guys post, as we all sit and anxiously await their album.

Is anyone else already back in session?? Please make me feel better and say that SOME of you are >.<

Teh NEW thirteh deh challenge!! Deh1 XD

I'm so late! I didn't even realize this existed until a few minutes ago!

Day 1: A recent pic and 15 facts about yourself
- Well, the picture wouldn't upload. Um. And it didn't even give me a reason.

1. I only have two best friends: My fiance and my friend that moved out to AZ a few years ago.
2. At the young age of 17 I took a trip to Italy, France, and England!
3. I've gone through all the teenage angst stuff: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, cutting, eating disorders, running away, and etc. Which I believe gave me that experience to help other people.
4. I've always wanted to do what MCR

The last legit day of summer and I am awake at 7 AM O_O

wtf am I thinking? It is Friday, the last legit day of summer, and I decide that I can't sleep?? I was actually up at 6, but then I lied in bed for 30 minutes, and then I researched medical problems (because I tend to be quite the hypochondriac), and I am.

You know, it's fairly cold in my house.

Okay, once again, back to the whole issue. I have the rest of today, Saturday, and Sunday until I venture back on in to college for my 3 year. This year is probably the hardest and the easiest all at the same time. Easiest because all but one class are music classes.

I'm such a weirdy!

I get so excited over home repairs, new laundry detergent (and fabric softener), making things clean and new, new candles, easy to cook meals, organizational tools, being able to budget, and all of that other stuff! More excited than I get over new clothes, new games, or new recreational items O.O

It's almost like I was born to be a stay at home mom or something lol. My fiance thinks I am so weird.

Senses Fail/Bayside

There is a fucking Senses Fail and Bayside concert coming and tickets are only $15!! Two of my top bands (which I actually have quite a few of) are coming to the venue closes to me, together, for mega cheap!!

I'm fucking going =D

Dreaming about corpses??

I had probably one of the most horrible dreams I've ever had.

It was also probably the first dream I've ever had about corpses.

Basically, it was like I was participating in a marathon of games. I was on one team and there were tons of other teams. And we had to do a lot of competitions that involved moving corpses, like piles of them, and fighting off demon-esque creatures. It was very dark and there were fire torches everywhere, almost like a tribal scene. Or maybe we were in hell or something.

But my main point is, there were just THOUSANDS of corpses, all around. It was horrifying.

I got raped out of $122.

(I hope no one takes offense to the term "rape". If someone does, I truly apologize.)

My psychiatrist office got a new collection lady. I went in for my appointment. She said "You owe $81.20 plus $48 for today's appointment". I said "Does that have to be paid in full today?" and she said "Yes. Or else we report you to the collection agency and you do not get to see your doctor".

My eyes welled up with tears. I gave her my last and final $122 for the next two weeks.


Does anyone play?

It's an MMO. Like WOW. But Aion is fucking amazing (unlike WOW >.>).

My fiance got me in to it. I've played for three days total and I'm level 14, very close to 15.

Well, point is, my internet dropped for the thousandth time, but I lost the connection to the wireless completely. And I was in the middle of a field of enemies >.<

Anyways, just got the internet back! So I'm off to play again!

If anyone has it, you should find me. My name in the game is Fafnia and I'm on the Zikel server. Just let me know your from this site and we can level up and do quest together =)

Mehh. New neighbors *facepalm*

We just got new neighbors.

The mobile homes in this neighborhood are VERY close together.

They are loud.
They yell at each other.
In Spanish (I'm not racist, just stating a fact that it's much more frustrating when people yell in a language you can't understand).
They're child screams.
All the time.
They have a Chihuahua.
It barks.

I can't fucking stand it.

Wave of Hopelessness.

Has anyone told you that shit just ISN'T going to happen? No matter how hard you try??

I never thought I'd have my fiance telling me something like that.

Aren't we supposed to be supporting each other in our decisions?

We have one car. He has a full time job and I don't (because I go to school...during the school year). It's practically impossible to get a job anywhere because of the fact that no place would be willing to work around his full time schedule to where we could switch off the car.

So here I sit at home, feeling fucking useless.