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I am going to be straight up honest...

I know that if I'm NOT straight up honest, I may lead myself in to a lie (like my fiance tried to lie to himself saying that City of Evil was still in the same ole' style as Waking the Fallen....which it certainly was not).

At this point, I'm not quite sure what to think. I don't want to over listen, because that numbs the judging quality. So at this point, I have only listened to it once.

According to what I have heard, these were a few first thoughts:
- I know they said they were going a little bit more poppy/techno-boardy, but damn. This is a LOT more.

How to pull an effective all-nighter: RESULTS!!

So, it is now 6:05 P.M. Which means that I have only been up for about 35.5 hours straight. Which, is actually pretty weeny considering back in the day, when I was 16, I would go on like 72 hour awake binges, just to have fun and play hours of endless DDR with my friends.

Anyways, enough of the babbling. Let me re-explain my situation, what I had planned to do, what I had actually done, and what I found worked best as a part of pulling an effective all-nighter.

Well, what I did pretty much worked!

My plan was:
- Take a Vyvanse
- Drink tons of water
- Eat nutritious snacks every hour
- Drink a

I have an EXTREMELY huge exam at 8 AM in the morning and then three hours of other homework for another class.

So, any other night I have ever tried to pull an all-nighter, I have allowed myself to get so wrapped up in the actually work that I had forgotten to keep drinking coffee and water and eating every hour or so.

In case no one else has experienced this, hours without eating or drinking anything, allowing yourself to get dehydrated, can take a HUGE toll on your body and allow you to get really tired and worn out REALLY quickly.

This is my plan for tonight:

- Take a Vyvanse (come on,

Are you for fucking serious?!!

See, I realize that this is somewhat "old news" (as in everyone probably already knows about it), but I have to write it down in a blog for it to be real for me.

On this UK CD awesome website, the album name and date has been released.

"Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys"

Date: November 22nd, 2010!

Fuck YES!! I am RIDICULOUSLY excited!!

What I think is funny, is that they are under the "metal" section of the website. Which, apparently a lot of you have heard that it's supposed to be more pop/dance.

Eric Whitacre...

As my friend and I were discussing while we were singing one of his choral pieces (Water Night), he is quite yummy.

I mean, for a composer of many amazing choral songs (One being 'Water Night', another being 'Lux Aurumque'...if you're a choir kid, you know what I'm talking about), he is one hell of a good looking guy.

Look at that picture. Do you see the absolute beastlyness of emotions that he produces while he conducts?? What a fucking BEAST!

Anyway, all of you should know who he is and just be happy that we have such a man who composes such amazing choral music and is more than a joy to

I would just like to say...

That the page seems somewhat empty without Mikael's blogs at the top...

School is back in session.

In fact, this is the Wednesday of my second week.

After each Mon, Wed, and Fri, I have no more energy and/or mental capacity but to sit and "vegg" on my laptop.

"Vegg" means to surf the net, go on facebook, loom on the MCR website, leave various comments, and type up short random blogs that have not much relevance to anything.

And then also blogs bitching and complaining about my neighbors yappy dog, yappy child, and very loud, but poorly functioning Go-Kart.

Anyone else feel the need to just "vegg" after school??

Did anyone else know this?

I just read on an unofficial website that FYE ("For Your Entertainment" corporation) actually had MCR's original album date in the computer listed as September 14th.

Is this old news? Did anyone else know about that?

I'm almost tempted to call up to my FYE store and ask them if they have anything listed...

Hospice or cancer center?

Wow, I am completely torn. My two potential music therapy clinicals are the hospice and the cancer center.

I don't really want to be at either. It's not that I'm simply not interested, it's that my grandmother was in hospice the last month of her life and apparently was not comfortable at all, which that is hospice's complete purpose, to keep their clients comfortable for their last months of life. And I don't want to be at the cancer center either, because both my grandmother AND my mother had cancer and they went through tons of pain.

I just feel as if it may be too emotionally difficult

Building a mosque near GROUND ZERO??

For all of you who are unsure what a mosque is, it is a Islamic/Muslim (I use these words interchangable because I've read that "Islam" describes the religion while "Muslim" distinguishes a person) worship center.

Overall, my mind is completely blown. Many people believe building a mosque only two blocks away from the 9/11 site is a way to be open to the rest of the world and to show them that America cares about other religions.

Unfortunately, the terrorists who flew in to the Twin Towers were Islamic extremist (if you believe in that theory, because I know many people do believe it's a