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A prayer request?

I know most of you aren't Christian, but I really have a request.

My fiance's friend is very sick. The both of them have been great friends for 8-9 years. Really, like family. He can't move his whole body. Right now, he's at the big hospital, MUSC, getting a ton of rigirous test. They have ruled out spinal meningitis, thank God, but he's still in an extreme amount of pain.

I want to send out a prayer request. I know most of you are not Christian, but if you are, please keep him in your prayers. And if not, please keep him in your thoughts.

"Ave Maria"

I am going to be singing "Ave Maria" by Schubert today in my voice class! Very exciting, because I absolutely adore that version. I'm sure some of you have heard it. It was the version used in the movie Hitman.

Yay! Wish me luck =D

Halloween costuuumee!

Well, I was thinking about being a killjoy, but honestly, that's a lot of work. Mostly because I lack bright, colorful, off the wall, clothing.

So, I have decided to be INCREDIBLY generic and be an awesome slut pirate! Arghh, joinin' de world of de Halloween sluts!!

See, it works out perfectly, I barely have to buy ANYTHING. I have a corset that has skulls and crossbones all over it. And I already have a super short slutty skirt that I can tear more to shreds.

Me and my fiancé's killjoy names!!

Well, I had to be a trend follower, so mine is Battey Gunner and his is Intense Exploder. He said he likes mine better, but his is fucking EPIC. Real talk =D


Haha. What is all this "fuck dem emos" bullshit?? What is this sudden voicing of hate against a label on people that does NOT exist?!

Oh well. Ya'll can keep hatin' on an imaginary group of people. I'm just gonna keep singing my "NA NA NA NA NA's". GOT NO FUCKS TO GIVE! =D


If I EVER want my toddler to be humiliated (you know, once I have one), THIS will be it's Halloween costume!! HA!

A pimp baby! WTF?! What kind of moronic fuckhead thought up of this?!!??

I better go to the costume maker and keep my pimp hand strong haha

I can see many of you were upset about not getting tickets...

Haha, it makes it seem like they were making people basically battle to the death to get these tickets. Is that true? Was there a battle of epic proportions in order to obtain these tickets?? Like, knights in shinning armor with Dragonforce playing in the background kind of battle of epic proportions???

Don't worry, guys. Like I've seen other people mention, there will be other shows. And MANY more tickets to battle epic(ly) over!

However, I'm sure if MCR came to a venue dangerously close to me and I didn't get tickets, I would be devastated as well.

...we should all have a battle of epic


I listened to it!

I really love it. It IS really repetitive melody and musically wise, but lyric wise, it's really creative.

AND HOW 'BOUT THAT DUEL GUITAR?!?!!?? I'm sure all of you heard it!!! =D

So, does this mean I have to go to Europe??

Their touring schedule is only in the European area ATM. Does that mean I have to fly over there?? I mean, I suppose I could just hitch a ride with the boys, right? I'll just sneak in to the cargo. All will be good. Except I have neither the money NOR time to do so. Especially time (well, and especially money as well).

I could let my career be ruined by take a few weeks off to go to Europe to see My Chem.

Or I could just pray that they actually make it over here.

And by over here, I mean Charleston, SC or Myrtle Beach, SC.

The last time they came to the Music Farm in Charleston, SC was

Okay, I had my second listen through!

Already I like it a lot better.

I accept that it is a WAY different sound than they have EVER done.

But it's kind of exciting.

Super upbeat.

Definitely looking a little "I'm Not Okay" stand-offish at the end. Kinda like it =D