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Cool mom??

I just wanted to let everyone know how much of a cool mom my mom has evolved in to (because apparently she's a Pokemon O.o)

If in 2005 I would have said "Mom, I really love this band and for holidays and birthday money, I all I want is money to go see them in Atlanta on my birthday. I have a ride there from a friend's mom and everything" she would have said "What band is this and how long have you liked them?", I would have said "My Chemical Romance...for about 5 months. But they're really fucking cool and they are my favorite band" she would have said "

Killjoy...NAME TAGS?!?!

I think that would be so fucking cool if at every show, everyone had on a personalized, decorated name tag with their Killjoy name on it!

However, I'm kinda lame.

...I'm gonna do it...

Who else has a concert on their BIRTHDAY??!

I don't mean to brag, but wait, I totally do, because I'm FUCKING STOKED.

^Actually, that did sound really rude. Sorry ^^;

I mentioned this in a blog earlier, but I need to say it again.

Basically, I've come to terms that MCR will never ever FUCKING EVER come to South Carolina. SC has nothing but tiny, shitty venues that can not contain an MCR crowd worth shit (well, actually, they are playing at other HOBs. What's the deal w/ the one in N. Myrtle Beach? Did shit go down there? Does MCR not like them?).

Anyways, I went to check out the tour spots, just praying and hoping they would.



The closes that MCR is coming to me is actually ON my birthday. Atlanta, GA.

Gotta fucking go. I will travel 5 hours before my birthday to go sit in front of the Tabernacle for 50 hours to see them.


Damn, I'm fucking losing it.

I despise the end of the semester. The end the semester is when teachers decide that throwing quizzes and test and essays and projects on the pile will be a good idea. All at once. Oh, and on top of memorizing 3 vocal pieces. And 3 piano pieces. And preparing for exams. WHAT THE FUCK!!

My biggest problem right now is for my psych of music class. It's a class where we learn how to do research.

Well, I'm doing a research project on music majors readiness to enter the professional world.

For this, we have to do what is called a Literature Review.

I had an MCR dreamm =) READ! It's slightly interesting =p

So, before I start telling you guys about my MCR dream, let me say just how clear and realistic it was. There are a lot of details to this dream and this will be long, so don't give up reading it! I just really feel like I need to share it with my fellow MCRmy members. And even though at the end of my dream it was really sad, at the beginning and middle, it was pretty amazing, so I'm satisfied =)

My dream starts out and I'm just walking in to this small room. Probably about the size of a normal sized high school classroom.

It is PEACOAT SEASON!! XD... and I was a pirate for Halloween!

Sorry for the photos being slightly racy -.-

But yeah, I was a pirate for Halloween! Of course, like everyone else, my original plan was to be a KillJoy. HOWEVER, I went through my closet (which I like to call the closet of goth kid's past) and all of my old gothy/punk clothes just weren't colorful enough. I do think my fiance has the Nintendo powerglove though (like Mikey in the video), but he said if he does still have it, it's back home =/

Oh yeah, and of course, happy late birthday to Frankie of course!

WTF?! Do I need to go all the way down to fucking TAMPA to see them?!

Because it could be possible!! I may have to force myself to do that! I actually have family close to Tampa, so it may work.

Or maybe I'll just really pray that they make it a little further up the East Coast? Like say Charleston? Hint hint hint, MCR. Because like you guys legit take time to sit and read all of these blogs EVERY single day.

Oh, so besides that, my fiance is FINALLY quitting GameStop!! I'm so proud of him!! Basically he's been getting treated like shit for the past whatever few months, so after 4 years as an employee, 2 of those years being a manager, it's time to pack up


So I posted a comment on the actually video blog about their being a clip in the beginning with animals fucking.

Yep. There it is. Lion sex. Now we all know what it looks like. Looks fucking brutal. And epic. Brutally epic. Next time my fiance and I give in to temptation, afterwards, I'm going to say "That was brutally epic. Like lion sex" hahaha!

Anyways, just wanted to post the actual picture for those of you who did NOT catch it. Have a nice day =D

Update on my prayer request!

For some of you who don't remember or who did not see my blog, on Monday or Tuesday, I wrote a blog asking for you guys to pray, or send your good thoughts, for my fiance's friend, who they thought had spinal meningitis.

Well, let's just say, things are getting better =)

They found out that it was not spinal meningitis. It is this rare condition called Gilliam Barre Syndrome. Basically, if you get a cold or flu, your immune system becomes retarded and attacks not the cold or flu, but your nerve system. Which makes sense, because he couldn't move his whole body.