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Productive?? I THINK NOT!

I'm having a very not productive day today.

No cleaning, no homework, just sitting around in a band shirt and underpants, blogging like a maniac. And the a concert later tonight.

See, school wise, it's come to that point in the semester where everything is hitting a wall. There is just so much shit to be done, that I inevitably avoid all of it and just barley pass my classes with low B's, or C's (stupid college courses and having to pass with fucking B's and C's. Why do D's and F's even exist in college?!).

And then cleaning wise. Haha. Fuck it all.

Don't go on myspace.

Completely dead.

It will suck the life out of you.

I just went on myspace for the first time in a few months, and I swear, my soul and happiness got raped.

What happened myspace?!

Fun interactive blog time!

Okay, referring to my last blog, Hot Topic is the most ridiculously stupid store in the world.

So, I'm going to start a list of other names we could give Hot Topic, and I want you guys to just add on in the comments.

- Hot Topic
- Hot Gothic
- Hot Fuckit

Senses Fail and Bayside!!

Going to their concert tonight!!

Totally stoked!!

I get to here songs about not living your life to the fullest, drinking and having daddy issues by Senses Fail and songs about sucky love by Bayside!!

Bahaha. That's a joke that me and my fiance have. Because most Senses Fail and Bayside songs are themed around those topics.

We went to the mall last night (first time in a year. Hot Topic changed their sign from red drippy goth to black corporate asshole!) in search of Senses Fail and/or Bayside shirts. NONE. FUCKING NONE. Hot Gothic didn't have any, Spencer's, nor did FYE.

Epic scene kid fail

Storm troopers?

Do the Killjoys live in the same universe as Star Wars?

Why are there storm troopers in the Sing video?

Bahaha. I love it.

Of course, not legit storm troopers. Just enemies that look slightly similar to storm troopers.

Are there going to bounty hunters in the story too? Because if so, I expect to see Boba Fett.


I just watched the Sing video for the first time. It's pretty fucking epic. Look awesome. I'm so stoked for the new album. Like, pee my pants stoked =D

Okay, I won't be peeing my pants. Maybe just fainting =)

Mega Man music?!

Okay, so lately we've had some tension on this site talking about the whole AZ thing.

Well right now, forget about it all and just chill.

Because I have an interesting fun fact!

So, for any old school gaming nerds...

Listen to "Na na na".

Skip to the part where Gerard is speaking.

Listening the guitar underneath.

That's a Mega Man riff XD

Damn, my fiance pointed out how much MCR is influenced by Mega Man. You can listen to basically all Mega Man songs and in your head, imagine that Ray's playing them on guitar and you will say "Damn, that's a good MCR song!"

Haha I fucking love it!

Arizona, MCR loves you guys.

Fans in AZ, do not get the wrong impression about My Chem.

They really love and are appreciative of all their fans.

MCR is affiliated with the organization that is boycotting concerts in Arizona because of the anti-illegal immigration law.

The tour manager did not purposely put AZ on the tour list and take them off just to piss everyone off. It's not like MCR put AZ on the list and then said "Oh wait, let's join this organization now and just take AZ off". The fact is, MCR made a promise to an organization before their tour schedule was made, and then a typo was made.

Let's just all be

Fucking got them XD

I got my tickets for the May 11th, 2011, Atlanta, GA show =D

I just hope that I can put money in my bank account before the ticket prices go ALL the way through. It usually takes like 3 to 4 days for online purchases to be done processing, so I think I'm okay =)

Who's going to the Atlanta show?!

Alcohol: Not as much of a devil as you guys think...

I can see that many of you are concerned about Gerard "drinking" again.

The one thing you guys have to realize is that the article said "occasional drinking".

Which means he's not dependent on alcohol. He doesn't need it to function. He's not stumbling around his household, wasted 24/7 with a toddler walking around.

Recovering alcoholics CAN drink again. I had a few bad experiences with alcohol, but I taught myself, very quickly, to learn how to just enjoy it, not just drown my sorrows.

G is an adult, guys. Alcohol is not the devil.

I feel like fucking Charlie Bucket!

I feel like I'm fucking Charlie Bucket! Looking for that Golden Ticket!

I'm overly nervous about the special code situation >.<