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Hey guys! Since MCR hasn't been very active lately (no offense) and most of us probably have ADHD, I have a band that some of you could listen to for a while!

Their name is Arms Like Yours. UNFORTUNATELY, they broke up a while ago.

Then why the fuck would I make a post about them?


1. Their lyrics and music are absolutely amazing (start with their EP ".Architect." if you plan on trying them out)
2. They just started up a new band! Pretty much the same guys with a different name!
3. Their new band name is Dayseeker.

my face when...

mfw there is penis enhancement spam on MCR blogging page haha

lololol epic fail.

Little do they know, this page is mainly teenage females.


A request to help rekindle a friendship?

Dear My Chemical Romance**

One of my high school friends just recently contacted me (literally, 10 minutes ago). The first concert I ever went to was with this friend. And guess who we saw live? YOU GUYS (Oct 12, 2005, N. Myrtle Beach HOB, Reggie and the Full Effect, Alkaline Trio, and My Chemical Romance, fuck yes). This is what she just recently posted on my facebook page:

"So Lady. Listen, get this. I miss you and I so totally think when MCR decides to get on tour again, you and I should go to at least one concert, like the old days. Just saying. That's my idea. :p"


A LEGIT fail.

This isn't just some random no big deal "haha" kind of fail. This is a legit fail.

I have failed a class.

Well, technically, I got a "D", but hey kids, in college, both "D"s and "F"s are considered failing.

WHY THE FUCK DO THEY EVEN HAVE THE "D" THEN?!?!!!??? They already skip "E"!! Why not just take "D" out as well?!?!

The only other class I've failed in my life time was Spanish 2 Honors. And that's because my teacher was a cheerleading nazi coach and pretty much hated every not physically fit kid in the school.

But this is definitely the only class I've failed in college.

Allowing yourself to FEEL real feelings!

For the past few months, since school has started, I have denied myself all rights to feeling real feelings!

I have been so involved with school, Music Therapy club, clinicals, and keeping my house in order and bills paid that every single time I had any sort of feeling, I told it to "Fuck off" and I kept going.

Let me explain why that is a HORRIBLE idea.

This week, it all came crashing down on me. Every feeling I didn't allow myself to feel weighted me down like an anchor. I failed so hard.

Using MCR in a music therapy session? (WANT OPINIONS!)

I've often contemplated actually using my favorite band in one of my clinical music therapy sessions.

Most of my clinicals (being kid's setting, geriatric's setting and hospice setting) have never quite been the proper setting for MCR music seeing as their music seems to be...well, metaphoric.

This semester I am at a psychiatric facility with adolescent girls with behavioral and mood disorders, some of which happen to know who MCR are.

Some of MCR's less metaphoric songs?

"I'm Not Okay"
"Ghost of You"
"I Don't Love You"
"Teenagers" (however, I don't think it would be very

Zero Percent

Okay, maybe I'm just retarded or something, but I didn't even know this song existed until like 2 minutes ago.

Usually I'm pretty good about finding all of the bonus tracks, but I guess I just wasn't paying attention.

"Zero Percent" is fucking amazing. It is a wonderful mix of "Danger Days" and "Revenge".

I'm still blown away that I just found this song.

Did it seriously come out when the CD came out in Japan? I'm so appalled that I didn't know it existed.

I love it.

Just thought I'd bring this pic to everyone's attention...

When I went on a Euro tour with my high schools art club in Summer of '07, I found this shop in Italy!

We were in Florence, Italy for only 2 hours and we got the chance to just kind of wander around. So, after my friend and I had circled the block, about 5 mins left before we had to go meet with our group, I found this shop! After about 3 minutes of being very excited, my friend was like "Are you gonna take a picture or what?! We gotta get back!" So I took a picture, very quickly, and we ran back to our tour group.

I really wanted to go inside because the clothes looked really neat and "high

Happy kinda 7 years sobriety?

Gerard is awesome and all. Believe me, him not being a drunken asshole with his pants falling down during shows for 7 years is great. But technically, in an interview a few months ago, he stated that he was drinking. Not in an unhealthy, crazy, alcoholic way, but in a casual totally controlled way.

Here's the clip from the SPIN article on Nov 16th, 2010

"In 2004, just as the band was getting huge, Way had a bad night of boozing and pill-popping in Japan and decided to quit drugs and alcohol cold turkey. Recently, though, he's been enjoying the occasional drink.

Team ETF or Team Ronnie?!

Since Ronnie Radke, former lead singer of Escape the Fate, has gotten released from jail (and even while he was still serving his time) he has been involved in his new band, Falling In Reverse.

As all of you know, when Ronnie got sent to jail, Escape the Fate got a new singer, Craig Mabbitt.

Falling in Reverse's new CD came out today.

Let me just say, there are SO MANY hits at Escape the Fate

For example in one of FIR's new songs the lyrics are "I dug a whole 10 miles wide and threw you all inside" (ETF has a song called "10 miles wide").

That's just one of many hits!

So which are you?