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Even though you're dead and gone believe me

I heard the news today about My Chemical Romance breaking up and I just wanted to say thank you to these guys for getting me through some of the toughest times I have ever had to go through. I feel deeply honoured that I got to see them play live back in 2010.

So long and good night,

MCR Ipod touch 4th gen cases

Does anybody know where i could get a MCR case for an Ipod 4th gen ?


Ok guys this is my first time posting but still a HUGE MCR fan and a proud part of the MCRmy. so i was wondering if any of you know who did the drumming on the new album ?


house of blues show

This is my first ever post to and i was wondering would anyone know where i could download the official video from the MCR show they did on Halloween night 2006 in the house of blues?

plz plz plz write back and thanks