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I don't got much to say about this photo, other then I took it, and i drew it somewhere in between a Documentary of how Studio Ghibli BECAME Studio Ghibli, and a movie BY Studio Ghibli..


I hear nothing but the clock ticking. People driving in thier cars, heading to work. The keyboard, my fingers. I need Music, and Sugar Crisp's right now, pronto.

Another (Blurry) Photo

Here is a cat known as the little beast, and I say that because he pretty much attacks anything that comes near him. One of our neighbors kindly gave him to us when he was just a weedy little baby. His name is Smokey, the only name he will go as.. Oh yeah, thats his mouse..

I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Cover)

Check it. :)

Listening To MCR Makes Me Musically Happy...

Today was, how you say: Don't get in my way or I will punch you day. Yeah, mood swinger days. Gotta love 'em! But hey, you know what they always say.. At the end of the day you'll still love milk and cookies just as much as Santa would. Actually, I just made that up... I know, I'm cool right?

Nothing Like Getting Caught In A Web

No, nothing like getting caught in a situation where you get bitten by a spider and you have no idea you're gonna turn into a super hero the next day. There, that's better. Here's a photo of a spider crawling slowly across a window in my room. if you can imagine that, that actually sounds really creepy. A spider? Crawling really slowly across a window? It is. Now mind you, i took this at 10 in the morning, and all discombobulated cause i just woken up, and at the time i thought it was HUGEEE. it was.

Insomnia Isn't My Friend

Yeah, I'll also assume it's nobody's friend too. In fact, I'll speak on everyones behalf and say it's nobody's friend. Side note: I'm gonna clobber that word through out this blog. Continue that way if you don't wanna hear this. This could get messy! Okay, where shall I start? Sleep. I just hate it in general. If I found a magic genie bottle, the first wish would have to be...destroy sleep. Or at least give us a button to press and then we can fall a sleep automatically, then we could all love and adore that word "sleep" and completely hate the word insomnia even more......

Okay, I'm done.

Crusin' The Streets of Vancouver

Big city, filled with people. Too much of them, I'd say. The squirrels seem pretty nice, though... I'd live there.

Hello! This is my first ever blog on What can I say? Pretty cool. Pretty cool that there letting fans of the band have there own blog on there OWN site. anyway, I really have nothing else to say other then: That's awesome! and a nice warm greet from myself. :)