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Music, music, music... Can't get enough of it. C:
Let's Face It!

Today would of been a LOT more interesting if i walked around dressed in a stormtrooper uniform... lol


Know any good acoustic songs to cover? lol


I obviously have nothing better to do, but chew gum.

Song I Wrote.

I write emo songs.

I bet it's just me

But I think should add a Notifications for New Comments, because I'm just too lazy to check my blog every once and a while. Haha

Frosty The Snowman At His Best

In Black ‘n’ White. We have like 3 very small fake Christmas trees in our house right now. It’s KINDA ridiculous… but at the same time… I am fill with Pride, and in the Christmas Spirit.

Song I written. =]

It’s snowing right now! For the billionth time! But this time it’s SNOWING-snowing, I feel every time I look out the window, I’m going to jinx it, like it would instantly stop because I took a long glance at the magical moment. but I can’t help but stare, stare, stare! Ok, I’m going to stop typing before I jinx it. C:

Kitty Would Be Proud

And Figaro, and Kelala, and Silver, and all the other cats that died off through peer bad luckness... Although, the bow-tie would... Kitty would never accept Smokey as a cat if she saw him wearing that.