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I need a hair cut, pronto

Yeah, maybe not a HAIR-hair cut, but more of a trim. Like an inch would do it. My hairs getting long, and feeling thicker.. Yeah... Not Good. I'm actually debating if I should just cut it myself. Hmm.. lol


Bored. I think I'm gonna create a PureVolume account. lol

Hungry, I am

Haven't blogged in awhile... thought I should blog about my hunger. :P Gonna go make some Grilled Cheese.

Am I the only one having this problem?

Every time I go on a page on MyChemicalRomance, it instantly leads me to another site. Some lame searchmagnified site. :O


Happy Valentines day, y'all! C:

Wrote a song last night. C:

I did, i did!! when i woke up this morning, and later on in the day.. i just realized, and totally forgotten i wrote a song last night. lol i felt somewhat like an idiot. but yeah, i finally wrote a fullllllll song. wow... haven't done that in a while. i'm thinking on writing more. C: i'm somewhat happy that i wrote it, also feeling very sick.... my sister made a juilous today, i had some, at first it tasted so good. now... i feel sick. lol i'll probably have more later....

anyways, i heard gerard's having vocal problems. get better!! C:

6229 to 1

I've lost all hope seeing all those comments. I shall not enter it. lol

Wake me up when September ends cover

Something i recorded couple days ago. Not the best cover... I also mess up a bunch of times, but.. whatever, it's A fun to play. :P

Bright Eyes Cover

I liked this song, so....BOOM! a cover of it by me. C:

Speaking of evil.... lol

Meet my couch. C: and... me. lol