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is amazing. y'all should go see it. Even if you weren't born when the first 2 came out. See it anyway. C:

Better timing would of been nice :P

I found out NOW that there's a cover contest! Ugh. I need to start reading the MCR page more often. Lol

SUM 41 "Pieces" (Cover)

This is not written by me! all credit goes to sum 41... you can check them out here:

one of my favorite songs written by one of my favorite bands. now, here's me killing it. :P

It's late, I should be a sleep but... ohwell. :)

Check out my cover of a song i just did.. tell me what ya'll think?! Though, i know the recording's kind of crap. Low budget mic. :P

Bought a new record today

and it rules! It's Jack Johnson's Live Concert CD. Blah, I am one happy person right now. :P

Morning y'all

Bored, been up for an hour now.. this morning would be so much better if those clouds would DO something, like rain.. :P

Tonight I...

Just watched "The Sixth Sense" for the first time. That is one good movie... Now, time to watch "Wild America" to get dead people and ghosts off my mind. :P

Good morning!

I hope everyone has a great day! C:

Another Bright Eyes cover

Blah, my favorite song by bright eyes.. wanted to do another cover by him. What do ya think? I know I messed up on some parts, but that's just normal. :P

OHAI blog I do not use anymore. :P

i have nothing else to say. busy few weeks of work in the kitchen. my backs killing me, and my headphones for my phone doesn't work. ugh!