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"I Miss Her" Song i wrote..

Song i wrote, specifically for someone i known, i haven't talked to in a long time...

I wrote a song about being a hermit

Still in need of a second verse. Tell me what you think? C:

Needs more..

I need more elevator music in my life. or background music...

Recording shiz from mah ipod

bored. it's late. i should be a sleep... here's a song i wrote a while back. technically it's not a song since it's so short. it's another added to the work in progress box...

Wrote this a couple years ago

hadn't got the guts to upload it anywhere because it was meant for a friend this song, but since that's come and passed. tell me what you thank? :P

Very Short Song I Wrote

Recorded VERY recent. So recent you can hear my sickness in my throat.. The tonsillitis effect...

Mah Ukulele Songg

I bought a Ukulele from the second hand and it had 2 strings on it, one day i was bored and came up with a song. It's short, but I'll eventually get to it and finish it. Right now, I'm working on a couple covers. ^-^

Song i wrote ^-^
The Dark Knight

is totally something worth watching. even on Saturdays. C:

New Amsterdam Cover...

I haven't posted a blog on here in ages, here's a cover I did about a million yeas ago.. What ya'think?