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My first encounter with this community in a long time, and I am judged for caring about the band? I came here because I thought there would be camaraderie, but I guess not.
I'm just observationally shocked that people here would act that way. Never did I expect it here.

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I heard it too

You know, that voice.
I've felt it a while now that it was gonna happen, and I wasn't in denial. I just was bracing myself.
So when it was announced I didn't cry. I nodded and accepted things had been happening lately, and reflected again on the fact that the guys are adults now, they've got adult problems, some have beautiful families that they wanna be with, and that the end was inevitable.

But I cried today. I cried when Gerard said he loved us, and I'm sure the other guys do to. I cried. Because I love this band so much, I love these people, I love what they've done for everyone and for me and for themselves. I'm not crying because they aren't gonna release any music, I'm crying because god damn... I fucking love these guys.

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be what tomorrow needs

Haven't said a word in an eternity.
Life is tough in the zones. Sometimes you get as quiet as the desert.

I wish there were more Killjoys around here. I was out zone running and spotted someone in a Jet Star jacket. Just kind felt safer and like I belonged a little more, it was a weird feeling but it was good.

How do you guys feel when you see real looking fans in merch?


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mcr parody

So there's this anime I've been following. At the end of the latest episode there was a music video that had a lot of music references in it. I could swearrr a lot of the parts where the characters are on stage are a play on the music video for MCR's Desolation Row cover. What do you guys think?
If it is, that would really cool.

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Hey motorbabies, how's life in the zones?
I feel like I don't know any of you well enough. Maybe I haven't put out enough transmissions.
A proper introduction is needed, I'm Knife Fight.
And all I'd like to request is to hear some of your names.
All in good fun, comment please.
Don't get ghosted, crash queens.


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remember me

well. It's been awhile since I've actually bothered to log in.
I'd like to share a blackout poem I did the other day.

I love sharing my art and such with everyone here.
How about the newest song? I think it's gorgeous.
The band is maturing in ways I never dreamed possible.
I have a feeling this album is gonna be fun and we're all going to be rioting in the streets come November.
We're a couple of rock and roll badasses and it's time to start acting like it.
Stop painting it black and grab your masks and ray guns, this shit is getting serious.

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I just feel like sharing a drawing I did the other day. I've been extra angry and depressed... especially angry, lately. So before I went off on a killing spree, I took my rage out on a piece of paper.

If you have a deviantART, favs are appreciated.

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what the cabbage.

Today I would like to share lulz with you. In the midst of my friend confessing his adoration for me over text, the following occurred:

"I like you a lot, okay? Ugh, just forget I said anything..."

"Sob... I just... sob."

"Say it..."

"... vampire."


Oh and have no fear, I like him and he already knew that. I was not crushing any feelings. :I

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Listen to me.

Everything will be okay.

Don't look at me like that. I'm serious. No matter what, everything is going to be okay.
I promise.

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i'm addicted to losing.

Life loves to give us false hopes that our wishes and dreams will come true.

And, God, it feels so fucking good to believe in them.