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IMPORTANT UPDATE!! and when life made sense chptrs 1-17

For the Killjoys who read
When Life Made Sense
My Killjoy Fic
My life in Hell
They will be updated slowly this week. Mostly My Life In Hell, cuz it's new. NOW if you don't read my fics i suggest you do cuz i've gotten nothing but good feedback and some people will reccomend it to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please read them <3 for now here is When Life Made Sense. this is chapters 1-17 ENJOY

Chapter 1: Day 1.
Frank's P.O.V.
Just another day in high school. The cheerleaders picking on the poor geek girls. The jocks acting like they are the baddest things in town. This year was going to suck.

My Life In Hell Chapter 2: Remember Me?

I was woken up by Gerard shaking my violently. "Come on! Get up! I'm hungry and they won't let me leave you here!!" His voice was loud and it pierced my ear drums. "Okay Okay GOD!" I stood and pulled my boots on. He was dressed in all black along with his converse. His hair was messy and thick. I smiled and he smiled back. We walked out of our room and our escort lead us to the white cafeteria. I sat at the back table and Gerard got his food. He walked over and plopped down next to me. A grin across his face. "Here.


I GOT FRANKIE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay well today I posted chapter 1 of My Life In Hell. It only got 5 comments and I was hoping more of you guys would read it and tell me if I should post chapter 2!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ theres the link! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Don't hesitate to ask questions :)

My Life In Hell Chapter 1: Burning

I sat on the bus with my head down. I stared at my bandaged wrists. They stung and swelled. I was in the hospital for 3 hours. The cuts I made went to deep this time. I lifted my head and stared out the window. The rain made a pitter patter noise against the steel roof of the bus. The ride was quiet, except for the scritch scratch of a boy drawing. I paid no attention to him. I sat and watched the rain drops slide down the window like tears. It was as if God was crying for the cruelness of the world. I pressed my forehead against the cold glass and sang softly. "Feels like home to me.

When Life Made Sense Chapter 17: Freshman Year. Day 60.

Frank's P.O.V.
I sat in fourth period and stared out the window. It was raining and the gentle pitter patter of the rain against the glass seemed to calm me. "Mr.Iero can you please pay attention." The teacher stared at me and I nodded. "Yes sir. Continue." I flashed him a smile and stared at the chalk board. I didn't listen to him talk. I thought about Gerard. He was hurt. He cried for hours at a time. He cut a few times, but luckily I caught him before any real damage was done. I waited out the rest of the school day. I had a bunch of homework to do.

okay soooo life is........

PRETTY FREAKING AMAZING! I get my braces off today & I get Frankie hair Friday! RAWR im excited. btw you guys ARE AWESOME! Uhm I have 2 fics going on her and I actually have 5 fan fics. I only have two posted on here though. The two posted are When Life Made Sense & MKS. I also have a Frikey fic, I have one called Fear and Regret and it includes: Mother War, Fear, Regret, Helena, and Black Mariah. I use people from the songs/albums for that one. I also have My Life In Hell. Me and Gerard get put into a Mental institution and hes a vampire.

Part 2 Chapter 2: Blood Lust

Ghoul's P.O.V.
I stood staring at the night sky. I walked back into the building and found Neonic. She was now a full 9 months pregnant and so was Bats. "WHOA!" I said very loud. "Ghoul we were pregnant before the whole vamp thing and now it sped up a few month..." Neonic stared at her pregnant belly. "Well your gonna have to deliver here. I don't think the hospital will like to think your dead. Having no pulse and all." I smiled trying to comfort them. "Okay dumbass your wife killed us. Which by the way kinda pissed me off.


SOOO i convinced my mom to let me dye my hair like Franks revenge hair. I am going to cut it a little bit. All I need now is a freakin lip ring <3 i so excited!!! IM LIKE FLIPPIN MY SHIT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Me singing I don't love you even though I fucking adore you <3

yeah yeah I know it suck >.<