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Chapter 2: Strange Greetings and a Savior

The next morning I woke up in the same spot. Good thing too. At least i know where i am. I started gathering my things and was on my way. The sun was just peeking is way into the sky. I love to wake up before the sun rises. The colors are just so perfect. I was walking in the direction of Zone 3. I was just about to cross over out of 4 when I saw The Detonator parked outside of the border line gas station. I quickly hid. I'd heard rumors about the four heroic killjoys that travel the zones saving other killjoys. I don't know why i was hiding, but i was.

Chapter 1: Caught in the Crossfire

It was November 3,2016 and i was walking through Zone 5. I'd been out walking for almost 3 hours. I was tired and almost out of water. I turned around and started heading back to Zone 6 where i had made camp a few days ago. About a mile into my walk i felt as if i was being watched. I pulled out my gun and scanned the area carefully. Nothing. I turned around and started walking again. I heard foot steps once again i got my gun out and scanned the area. Nothing. Just like before. Strange. This time I walked back in the direction of Zone 4. I hoped i could make it before night fall.


Frank takes them out the side door to a tiny alley; it's moonlit and muggy and vaguely stinky, but Frank just leans against the wall and smiles at Gerard.

"So, um, hi," he says. "I'm Frank!" He giggles a little. "Did I already say that?"

"Onstage," Gerard says, "but, you know. Better safe than sorry." He smiles, and Frank grins, and then they stand there staring at each other, listening to the dull thud of the bass line from inside the club. "They sound good," he says, just to say something.

Frank rolls his eyes, but he's smiling.