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okay i know its a sountrack song they did but its awesome

Cinderella she seems so easy "Well it takes one to know one" she smiles And she puts her hands in her back pockets Bette Davis style Now but in comes Romeo moaning "you belong to me i believe" And some one says "your in the wrong place my friend you better leave" And the only sound that's left after the ambulances go it's Cinderella sweeping up on DESOLATION ROW!

Chapter 8: Dracs and Killjoys :)

The next morning i woke up alone. This time the note was on the pillow. "Dren we had a killjoy call. were very bust these days. Your sister is there if you need any thing. Please don't try to get up. I don't want you to get hurt even worse. Love, Ghoul" Wow hes really worried about my leg, but i think i can stand on it today. I carefully stood. It didn't hurt much. I walked over to the door and leaned on the door way. I opened the door and said "Ritalin help me!" Ritalin came running.


**Please read the whole thing, Replace my name at the end with yours and repost!!**

We Are The MCRmy.

This is for those who cried to the Ghost Of You. For those who felt empowered during Famous Last Words. For those who felt they could relate to I'm Not Okay. For those who want to start a riot because of Teenagers. For those who are Demolition Lovers. For those who Killed All Their Friends.

This is for those who got Welcomed To The Black Parade.

XO +Adrenaline Revolution+


HELP ME KILLJOYS!! I write this story and i got finished with chapter 7 and don't know what to do next! if you could read it and help me and give ideas that would be AWESOME!!! for now here are my suckish drawings hope you like them anyway -Dren


Well hello there fellow killjoys um i wish yall would read my story and tell me what to do in it next im having writers block and it SUCKS!! soo please i ask of you to read it and tell me your ideas. but for now some of my drawings :) Hope you enjoy :) sorry if they suck!

Chapter 7: Reunited

The next morning I woke up to Party banging on the door. "Hey wake up! Ghoul we gotta go! Killjoy zone 3! Come on." He kept banging on the door. I stood up quietly trying to let Ghoul sleep and opened the door. Party had a surprised look on his face. "Be quiet! He's still asleep. I'll go instead. Let him rest." I Grabbed my gun and the key and wrote a quick note. "Ghoul Killjoy Zone 3. BBS- DREN" I always wrote my name in all capital letters. It makes a statement ya know. I walked out the door and locked it. I followed Party out to the car and got in the backseat.

Chapter 6: Baseball Sketching and Kissing OH MY!

When i woke up a few hours later he was fast asleep snoring loudly. I carefully got up trying hard not to wake him and grabbed my sketch book and began sketching him. It turned out really good so I tore it out and taped it to the wall. I continued sketching random things around his room like his posters and his boom box. I was really bored. I got up and walked outta his room and locked the door. I went in the main room and saw Kobra Kid lying on the couch staring at the ceiling. "Hey kid. What are you up to?" he asked without moving.

Chapter 5:

The next morning I woke and my head was on Ghoul's chest. His arm was wrapped around me. My hand was on his stomach and his other hand was on top of it. I don't remember falling asleep like that, but it was okay I kinda liked it. I layed there listening to the steady thump of his heart and i was trying not to moved in fear that i'd wake him up. I heard a key in the door and watched as Kobra Kid entered, shut the door, and walked over.

Chapter 4: Dracs and Drama

The next morning when I woke up I was alone. I was still in Ghoul's room, but i was alone. I saw a note pinned to the door. I read it out loud cause who cares ya know. "sorry Dren distress call from a Killjoy. I wrote this so you wouldn't freak out. Didn't wanna wake you up. you looked so helpless and innocent. Your welcome to any thing in the kitchen. Don't make a big mess. BBS - Ghoul". I laughed a little. He signed his name in big green letters. It looked kinda girlie ya know. It was funny to me. I flipped it over and there was a second note and a key taped to it.

Chapter 3: Arrival and Happy endings

We'd been driving for almost a hour before we arrived at what looked like an old run down office building. On the outside it was blue,red,purple,and white. There was writing on the outside walls, but was to smudged to make out any of the words. We walked inside and the main room ,well what appeared to be the main room anyway, was bright red and green and a little spat of blue on the walls. As i was admiring the scene set before me Ghoul grabbed my hand and spoke calm words "come this way.