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Nobody reads any of my blogs :(

I get on here so excited to see comments and nothing. same as the day before :(


Chapter 1:Helena
I woke up to my radio blasting Helena in my ear. I sat up and turned it off. I rubbed my eyes and threw the blanket off.

"Shit it's four A.M. again." I sighed and stood. I pulled a shirt on and threw on some jeans. I made my way down stairs. I lived with my best friend, Michael Poison. His last name is pretty awesome.

"Poison dude you gotta quit waking up so EARLY" He looked up at me from the book he was reading. His glasses on the very tip of his nose. "My name is Michael and you should get up earlier Mr.Isaiah Snow." I saw him smirk and rolled my eyes.

"Dude don't

Vampires Will Never Hurt You Chapter 3

I get out of my car. I stand for a moment. My throat burning. Aching for blood. I walked to the ally beside the theater. I run to a young man and soon compell him to follow me. I go to a hidden spot and feed. Carefully not getting any on my clothes. I walk into the theater and find Mikey. He seems to be looking for me. "ALICIA" He yells and waves. I walk over to him and smile. "Hey Mikey" I say sweetly. His heart seems to beat oddly slow.

REVENGE Chapter 2:Alice

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2: Alice.

I waited for the usual ten o'clock rush. Business men would always come get buzzed before work.

"Misfit, i need you to wipe down the tables." My boss, Ryan, yelled from back. "Ok" I yelled back and began wiping down tables. 30 minutes later and the place looked, well, the same.

A few men walked in and


been a while since i got on here. Haven't had the chance to. Do you guys remember Sydney? my ex bf's current gf? well the are taking a "break" and SHE WANTS 2 KISS ME AGAIN should I?


sweet nightmares ;)


If you like that story COMMENT and tell me your fave part of the first chapter to help me write the 2nd and 3rd ;) much appriciated.

Chapter 1:

Make A Wish

If you had ONE wish what would it be?

If you could would you even use the wish?


kids all over the world are dying and the Make A Wish foundation only does about 100 kids a year due to money and stuff how about instead of giving kids HERE a single wish bring children who are DYING in Africa here and make all their wishes come true.

6:55 -_\\

go to 6:55


ONE PISSED OFF KILLJOY if ur gunna talk about GERARD don't call him GERALD!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD that pisses me off the most

Give me all your poison

UGH I don't get to cosplay with syd today and it sucks! but I still want to. I still need suggestions and I want you guys to help. IDK what to do today

Good Day For Cosplay

Sydney MIGHT be coming over and hanging out. We've decided to cosplay. We make pretty good guys so we might do that. Any suggestions?
heres pics of us. You guys know me so the other is Syd.