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I Want It
Chapter 23: The 45th day.

Ghoul's P.O.V.

Day 45. It was day 45 of her in this motionless state. It's November 2. 2 days after my birthday and 2 away from hers. I wish that she would wake.

Dren's P.O.V.

I think I've figured out how to wake up. I've been here for hours. If I go to sleep here maybe I'll wake up there. I'll try. I places my head down and drifted to sleep. I'm awake. "Ghoul?" I whispered. He ran over to e and started crying. I sat up and wiped the tears from his face. "Ghoul im ok." He lifted his head and kissed me. He was happy to see me. When we parted he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder.

Chapter 22: Back to work

The next morning I woke up and Ghoul was still snoring away. I went into the main room and sat next to Bandit. "Good morning" She said as she sipped at her coffee. "Morning." I replied as I slammed my head down on the table and tried not to fall back asleep. She got up and made me a cup of coffee and set it in front of me. "Here it'll help." She said as she sat back down. I lifted my head and sipped at the nice hot coffee. Party walked in the room and sat down next to Bandit. "Morning." He said and smiled at us. I turned my head and smiled back and then continued sipping at my coffee.


Hey girls, you're beautiful. Whether you're a size 32 or a size 18. As long as you're a good person. As long as you respect others and yourself. Don't listen to those fashion magazines. Hey girls, you're beautiful' - Gerard Way.

'My biggest addictions have been chocolate cake, mashed potatoes, and butter sandwiches.' - Frank Iero

Beach balls at festivals are the work of the devil!
- Gerard Way
Cameraman: So, did you read Ellen DeGeneres's new book?
Frank: Yeah.
Cameraman: How was it?
Frank: It made me a lesbian.

Dont piss your life away with suicide
- it's a bullshit way out
- Gerard Way

Chapter 21:ESCAPE

I woke up the next morning and everyone was just staring into nothingness. Party took deep breaths and didn't move. I pulled my head up and smiled at him. I got up and walked over to Ghoul. "Good morning." He said in a whisper. " Goodmorning." I replied. I went into the small bathroom we had and got a rag. I wet it with cold water and walked back to Ghoul and placed it on his forehead. He was burning up. I hated to see him like this. He was healed, but didn't like being cramped in here with all these people. Party moved tot he wall and leaned against it. I walked over and sat by him.

Weird Ipod Thing. Funny Answers though

Put your iPod on, click shuffle and answer the questions with the titles of the songs tha come up =)

If I had a band, it would be called: All I Do Is Win (DJ Khaled)

When I die, my headstone will say: No Air (Jordon Sparks)

At my wedding, in my vows I will say: Should've Said No (Taylor Swift) that is so wrong...

If I could kill someone, I would kill them with: Kiss From A Rose (Seal) comment...

When I leave high school, I will be most remembered for: The Time Of My Life (David Cook)

When my boy/girlfriend makes me mad I tell him/her: I Don't Love You (My Chemical Romance)

When I party

Chapter 20: Plotting and Planning

I woke up the next morning to a killjoy screaming. "No Don't NOOO" Itt sounded like Ritaln. I ran to the window and peered out. The Drac was dragging her and taking er colors. I moved back and he threw her in.He slammed the door. "No Leave them alone!" She ran up to the door and started shaking it. "Ritalin RITALIN stop STOP" I pulled her back and she started crying. Party got up and hugged her. "Dren they raided HQ again. It was bad. Really bad. Kobra got shot twice and Bats got hit too. Misery and Jet are in questioning and Im scared." She was shaking and crying.


Well if you have read chapter 18 then you know i put that Party Poison cut and dyed my hair. Here are before and after pics ENJOY AND COMMENT thank you :)

Chapter 19: BL/Ind HQ

I woke up to a Drac banging on the cell door. "Get up you brats." He yelled and unlocked the door. He walked inside and snatched me up. I screamed and grabbed Ghoul. The Drac pulled my arm back and called in another one. They carried me to a long conference room. They sat me down and cuffed my hands to the chair that was built into the floor. "Thank you that will be all." Said a voice as a short white man walked into the room. "Hello little brat. Do you know who I am?" He grinned and I struggled in the chair. "I am Korse. Your worse nightmare.

Chapter 18: BL/Ind

The next morning I woke up and Ghoul was putting on his gear for the day. "Good morning. Hey today I want to cut and dye my hair. I was thinking red like Party's and kinda short. I think it's time to change it up some." I said smiling at him. He turned and looked at me. "Okay. Why don't you go ask Party to dye it. I'm not very good at it." He walked out of the room and into the main room and sat in the chair closest to the window. I stood up and headed to Party's room. I opened the door and he was putting on his shirt.