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well this is Mikey my new BOYFRIEND!!!!! he makes me really happy. Tell me what you think <3

I miss you guys so much....

Been super busy lately and havnt gotten on the computer in a while. :( how are you i miss you and love you and :( Yeahh


cant figure out why i like this song but the vid is awesome I <3 YAOI


OMG I havnt been on in FOREVER!!! MCR should really have an IPOD app so that we all can chat more often! Imiss you guys and girls so much! care to tell me how you are (YES I READ EVERY COMMENT EVEN IF ITS AS LONG AS YOUR WHOLE LIFE STORY!!!) <3 please do comment I need some friends and if you find me intresting inbox me and i might just give you my # <3




Well today was Character/Celeb day at skool. I went as Sasuke. The principle knew who I was <3


I have a new BF and yeah hes awesome lol Hes like super tall lol Hes like Mikey and I'm Frank jus to show u the height difference XP but its awesome annddddd I'M TOTALLY A SCREAMER NOW yeah I said it SCREAMER ^w^

top pic:Joseph

Bottom Pic:HALLOWEEN <3 I was fwankie

Single Again

He didn't like MCR. He smoked weed. He doesn't like that I love to SCREAM. He's finished :P WHOOT

Chemical Stories Part 2 Chapter 5: Dracs can all burn in hell part 2

I woke up alone in my room. Nobody was here. I walked around searching fo them. I turned a corner and it was my attacker. I forgot his name, but his eyes. "Human again Dren? I can fix that." He ran at me with full speed. He bit down hard on my neck. I could feel my life slip away. I was turning again. I collapsed. I woke up in the white room. I was hungry. Starving even. I couldn't see. My vision was blurred from lack of blood. They threw in a poor defensless killjoy. I didn't know her and she looked almost dead.

Feeling Lost yet somehow found...

I'm super confused cuz I like this girl but I'm dating this guy she came over and we kissed and he says no matter what he loves me i love him and UGH drama help?


This my good kiljoys is my new BOYFRIEND. His name is chris and hes awesome :3 hes very sweet. I wish you all could meet him.