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Chapter 52: Follow me home.

Bandit's P.O.V.
I woke up next to Venom. He was sleeping. His face so innocent. I smiled and stood. Just a few more weeks and I'd have a child. I walked to the bathroom and splashed water on my face. It was early in the morning, but the child kept kicking me so I gave up. I felt a sharp pain and screamed. Venom came running. I dropped to the floor. "Bandit! Oh my...." I looked down. Blood. No... "Venom..." I began to cry and he helped me stand. We got Party and he drove us to the hospital. When we got there I only expected bad news.

I love you :)

THANKS FOR THE LOVE!!! Thank you to everybody who helped me. I like talking to My Killjoys. My family. You are everything I could've hoped for. Find me on facebook or follow me on twitter

Megan Rook


I want to apologize.

I lost my mind today and did something I haven't done in almost a year. The you to SiNgItFoRtHeWoRld123 your blog brought tears to my eyes. Im sorry to the MCRmy and all my killjoys. I didn't want to, but I did and I'm extremely sorry for it. I dont expect forgiveness I get what I deserve. I love you all. Sing it for me please. Help me survive. I LOVE YOU message me if you want and just send me your love I need it <3


When Life Made Sense Chapter 12: Freshman year. Day 45

Gerard's P.O.V.
I got up and got dressed just like any other school day. It was a little earlier than usual, but I wanted to show Frank some thing. I went into his room and got him up. The scar on his lip made him look tough, but he was like a teddy bear. If he knew I thought that, welll lets just say I might not exist. I waited in the kitchen for him to come downstairs. I made a big cup of caffee that we could share on our way there. I was taking him to the coolest spot. I accidently found it when one of the football players threw me in a ditch.

Chapter 51: Spaced.

Dren's P.O.V.
The nurse fell to her knees. I ran over to her. "Ma'am?" I sad and she looked up at me. Her eyes. I knew her. "Riot?" I asked she nodded and I held her close. "Shhhh." I felt tears slip from my eyes. I could only assume the worst. Party walked over and took my place. I stood and ran to Ghoul's room. He layed there. Motionless. I ran to him. "Still breathing..." I sighed in releif. "Say hi to the Black Parade for me baby..." I leaned down and kissed him. I felt him move. He kissed me back. "Now why would I say hi to the for you?" I saw his perfect smile, but it wasn't there long.

what i SING it for...

SING IT FOR A CURE (cancer cure :3)

SING IT FOR A HOPE (Lost children...)

SING IT FOR A CHANCE (wounded animals who might not survive)


SING IT FOR THE VOLUNTEERS (for like hurricanes and stuff)




like my hair?

i keep changing it :3

which is better? i like the short one (cuz thats how it is now <3)


cleverbot is mean >.<

User: Frank Iero or Ray Toro?

Cleverbot: Ray Toro

User: Frank Iero

Cleverbot: Ray Toro

User: Frank Iero

Cleverbot: Ray Toro

User: Frank Iero

Cleverbot: Ray Toro

User: Frank Iero

Cleverbot: Ray Toro

User: Frank Iero

Cleverbot: My Chemical Romance.


User: Frerard or Frikey?

Cleverbot: Hell yes.

tht one is my fave :3

Chapter 50: Hell strikes home.

Dren's P.O.V.
-Still Dreaming-
I was there crying. I watched as Ghoul and I ran to our children. We had become older, but wiser. We knew what to do. We also knew it was to late.
-End of Dream-
I woke and my face was wet and cold. I wiped away the tears from my face. I couldn't get up. I was still full of fear from my dream. My nightmare. I finally sat up. I burried my head in my hands. I cried. I didn't want to, but I did. It hurt to much. I heard someone enter the room. I didn't know who it was. I couldn't lift my head. "Dren..." The mysterious person whispered under their breath.

Im Addicted To This Song... and a cry for desprate help...

is it weird that im a white girl who doesn't like rap, but loves this song. lol idk

i need help with my fan fics 2 soooooo HELP ME