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Chapter 53: Take Me Away

Dren's P.O.V.
I woke up and my whole body hurt. I was sweating and felt cold tears on my cheeks. I looked around and Ghoul was already awake.The bright desert sun shone through the window. "Ghoul...We need to find Dr.D." I sat up and my arms burned. "Who's Dr.D?" Ghoul stared at me. Curiosity filled his eyes. "He's...A friend." I didn't want him to know that Dr.D is my uncle, but Ghoul would find out soon enough. "We need to get Ritalin and go. She knows how to find him." I stood and got dressed. I holstered my gun and walked out the door. Ghoul soon followed.

Any artist out there?

well i got assigned a project in art. We get to pick our own theme and we have to incorperate it in 3 seperate drawings that when put together fit like a puzzle. Now I'm thinking or doing Fear and Regret and Mother war from black parade, but how? now u can give me ideas on the fear and regret thing or make up new ones! I just need some help brainstorming :P


for you who know me.....

♥ = I want a relationship with you
:)= I kinda like u
:p= I'm shy... But your cute
XD= I want your #
:D= you mean everything
<\3= regret leaving

please tell me??


January: I killed
Febuary: I rode a wolf with
March: I had a crush on
April:I slaped
May:I hugged
June:I licked
July:I sang with
August:I got coffee with
September:I had a crush on
October: I kissed
November:I died laughing with
December:I ran with the bulls with


1~5: Gerard Way
4~11: Andy Sixx
12~14:Brendon Urie
15~18: Brandon Flowers
19~22: Ashley Purdy
23~28:Spencer Smith
29~31:Frank Iero


Red: Becasue we're awesome
Blue: Because we can
Black: Because no one cares
Green: Because we're gona rule the world
Pink: Because we're


lifes ben busy but my killjoy story is almost done and ill be posting SOON!!!

wasn't that bad

soooooooo we kissed and it was AMAZING. shes a better kisser than brandon....HAHAHAHahaHAHAHhahahaAHAHAhahaahHAHAHA it was cool ^-^


So i was talking to Sydney (Brandon's GF) and today she came and hung out. Well we were suppose to kiss (expiriment kiss.) and she left 2 early so shes coming over tomorrow and we r gunna do it then. I GET 2 KISS HIS GF AND HE CANT DO SHIT ABOUT IT ^w^ hahahahaha any advice?

any advice?

My friend Chris is all pissed off at me cuz I married his GF on facebook and I held her hand at school today. He's been cussing me out ever since. I almost cried twice. Emily is all cool with it. It's both our faults, but cuz she's his GF he takes his anger out on me. I don't know what to do. It's not like me and Emily are full on making out in front of him. We are just bein girls. He gets pissed at nothing and I don't know how to solve it other than telling Emily that her bf is a wacko. UGH somebody help me.

i can't get over him...

FUCK. Brandon why won't you leave my thoughts?!?!?! god. as most of you know I was dumped last week and he still swarms my thoughts. this poem is for that idiot

I hurt. I cry.
You stand there and lie.
I know things were bad.
I know you took her back.
You loved me, but lied.
And I stayed up and cried.
I slit my wrist and died inside.
I see you there by her side.
I shy away and just cry.
I'm sorry I love you.
I'm sorry, but it's true.
I love you and you left.
I'm crushed and depressed,
But after all we've been through
Somewhere in you knows you love me too.

I feel horrible....


HELLO my outcasts!! If you follow my Outcast Society updates the you'll love this...

ADRENALINE REVOLUTION HERE: Makin screamo songs are fun. I have so much hate right now it's rilly helping me think of stuff. like all I have though is 'SHUT THE F*** UP YOU F***IN SH*T YOU DON'T HAVE A LIFE TO GIVE! STOP STARTING A WAR BEFORE ENDING A BATTLE STOP MAKING THE BATTLES WHEN YOU WANT! NO! WAR!' any suggestions?!/pages/The-Outca...

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