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It's been a long time...

I'm 19 now. I've missed you all so much. I've missed chatting with my friends and just being able to have a real family. I'm still with Adam. 3 years going strong. I hope I didn't wait too long to tell you all but I love you. All of you. Forever strong knowing you are all with me.

MCR My most precious treasure. I ENCOURAGE ALL TO LISTEN

The words:

Long before we each said goodbye
All our fights would make it appear
I don't know what else or the days I'd hold the tears
You taught me how to be so fearless always pushing me farther each day
Saying you can overcome it all and find happiness along the way if you try
I'll go on along without pain and I swear That i won't complain cause ill have the dream you have me to keep strong just how I should be you we're once what made me happy what I once had called my everything but it faded an I could see being with you was all just a dream
I once thought we would always be and never

New Life.

This guy here is the love of my life. Adam Michael Mendelson-Bush. The man that makes me the happiest. Heres our story...

Well... Okay... I was going to church one night in October and he road the van with me. He didn't talk much at first and the next Wednesday he finally learned my name. Well we started talking and we talked about comics and batman. Well at the time he had a girlfriend which upset me a little cause I knew I liked him. He told me that when we met he asked my friends Sam and Christina about me. Asking if I was single and what they knew about me.


doing absolutely nothing with my bf here XD we are such losers!


well im single :) yup it happens. love you guys though. i need lots of hugs :) message me and find me on facebook Megan Rook follow me on twitter @DrenRevolution im also on instagram

Heart Broken

so 2 days before our 5 month anniversary he dumps me cause he didn't wanna be in a relationship. my friend tells me that he said "I dont love her anymore" then he lead me on and dumped me before 5 months. IT SUCKED but it's okay cause this guy Jared that I really really like might like me back -^w^- move on from the past look towards the future <3

International MCR day and almost 5 months

HAPPY MCR DAY! I know I havent been on much sorry. Its almost been 5 whole months with Michael. I love him more and more each day <3 I love him killjoys!


Haven't been on here in a while SO much is going on! IM COSPLAYING DEATH THE KID FOR ANIME BLUES CON!!!!!! anyone going this year?


Haven't been on here in a while SO much is going on! IM COSPLAYING DEATH THE KID FOR ANIME BLUES CON!!!!!! anyone going this year?

I'm in love. He is just AHHHH!!! June 1st will be 3 months and He's the one. I know it's crazy and I know I'm young, but he's the one. I just know he is. He loves me for me and that's all I could ask for. His eyes are a captivating blue-green color and he looks me in the eyes and whispers "beautiful" when I'm laying there after just waking up and I look like hell he still thinks I'm beautiful.