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Circles (a song I wrote)

Yea it sucked

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The Transmissions

are giving me a Head Ache.

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9/11 Tragedy

So I'm watching the 9/11 attacks on YouTube right now, I feel like crying 'cuz almost 3,000 people died that day. Innocent people. Dead. How could anyone do such a thing?

What's your take on this? Where were you when this happened?

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To me, a corset is like a codfish.

Oh-em-eff-gee, I haven't been on in ages! D: Yeah I left for a while, mainly becuz I'd been cramming for the mid-term exams, and I don't have internet in my house anymore :( Sorry..

Anyway, I think I update on Facebook alot thru my phone. Add me :)

I don't have a MySpace/VF/Bebo/w/e other places. I have twitter. And youtube. That's it.

But yeah :/ btw ALIWAY!!! I miss you ;(


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whats up

with the captcha thingy again

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Arr, yer great scurbydummies, yer dang wimpy slugs...

Are you ready kids? *aye aye captain!* I can't hear you! *aye aye captain!* -barney song plays-


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It was a blinding vision of your eternal smile.

I'm growing addicted to Alesana. Post-hardcore, in general. I think the lyrics have so much meaning, and the music is well.. awesome. My current list:

1. My Chemical Romance
2. Black Veil Brides
3. 30 Seconds to Mars/Paramore
4. Tokio Hotel
5. Alesana/FFTL

I won't be discovering more bands just yet; I'll be brushing up on the bands above. :)

On a somewhat unrelated note, I have just received this tutorial video thingy on how to play a few A7 songs. Stoked about it, but I probably won't be using the DVD until I get an electric and maybe have a little skill with fingers. What I am REALLY psyched about is.. I got LotMS too! Huzzah!


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It is 1:48 AM.

My mom is outside packing. Dust is everywhere. And I'm sitting here, celebrating the first hour of my thirteenth birthday in front of the computer =/

Eh, okay. I want to know.. how many of you listen to Alesana? So far, I've only heard Apology and Congratulations, I Hate You and I think they're pretty good. But still, I'd like to know more about that band, so yeah. :)

I have to go to sleep now. I'll check back as soon as possible, which is probably like, next weekend. Heh.


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Me burfday :D

I'm happy cuz I got one year older. Yay!

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It's Just Me, Your Victim, Your Nightmare.

If I kissed you goodbye
Would you leave me here?
(On my own)
Though the sun may go down
I'm not immortal
I never claimed to be
Something I wasn't

Recreating murder scenes
Like blood spilled straight into the sea
My tongue has burned all the words to say
Call me names!

Could you leave me alone?
Is that too much to ask for?
Judge me by my shell
I am just different

Before you took my smile
And smeared it over my lips
These words cloud my sight
I'm not crying
(I'm just crying)

Do you even know the truth?
All these lies that you have used
I'm just beaten, trying to look fine
Take me home!

Could you leave me alone?
Is that too much to ask for?
Judge me by my shell
I am just different
Hear the whispers in the air
I'm the saviour of the fallen
Judge me by my shell
I am not normal

If I kissed you goodbye
Would you stab my heart?
And with my last breath
I'm sorry I stained your shirt
Bleed to death!

Could you leave me alone?