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MyChem #Forever

Well guys, the notice of the ending was hard in many ways, we've been trying to take it on, as the guys have taught us, making a strong family and never givin' up, helping the fell ones and asking for help to the ones that are stronger than us, this is very difficult 'cause it was not just a band, it was something like a religion, well for me they are like gods, they have good and bad things like anyone, they believe in each one, I love them as family, so many people ask me "how you doing?" how could you do if your family and something that your considered your everything has finished?

Killjoys Mexico

Hey Guys, i have a group on Facebook that's called "Killjoys Mexico" it's for all the community fans, well mexicans, obviously, if you know some or one mexican that loves so much my chemical romance you have to give him or her or whatever the next link:
it's my group and we want MCR in mexico, so pls help me, help us and we will help you :D
My name is Daniela and i'm happy to be here.
love u.

i think i need help

OMG! well guys i wanna know if MCR's web site is avaible for mobile, and i wanna know too if somebody is mexican like me, i wanna meet someone like me LOL i mean MEXICAN, cuz we are good fans, and if u could help me with something more i will be thanked forever,... do you know how to cantact MCR band? i mean i need to talk with they bout something really important, SERIOUSLY!