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2 months clean!! (And 1 day)

So as you guys can probably tell from the title, I'm celebrating my 2 month..cleanliness, I guess? I don't know, man.

2 months was marked yesterday making today 2 months and 1 day, but I was having an uber craptastic day yesterday so I couldnt really celebrate.
But hopefully today will be better....
What are you guys up to?

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Mariana's trench

I really like these guys. They have good music and really sing with heart :)
Im also getting into bloc party, theyre pretty good.

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Is it weird that I only like songs with meaningful lyrics?

Im kinda worried.
Like, songs which have good lyrics with a meaning behind them or which tell a story are the ones which attract me.
I dont know why.
I CANNOT enjoy a song with meaningless lyrics unless the beat is PERFECT. And even then Ill get tired of it after a while.
Its sorta weird to me.
Like, some songs I listen to just because the beat and rythm is musically good but only if its rock or indie :/
And...Im just confused.
Is it like this for anyone else?

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The Purge: Anarchy

So last night my brother and I watched the second Purge, and I LOVED IT. Has any of you guys watched it yet, and if so did you like it?

I really liked it because I love those movies where its like a group of people traped inside like a building at night or something like that, and the action was killer.
(Frank Grillo, BADASS)

It kinda reminded me of cloverfield. The movie about the group of friends escaping from a monster thing, except this was way better.
1. As mentioned before, leo barnes' scenes were amazing.
I was at the edge of my seat the whole time.
2.It shows how fucked up society is.

And 3. It has one of the cutest OTPs-
Leo and Cali!!
I know the age gap is kinda big, but I think Cali is above 18 and Leo's supposed to be like 32 (or atleast Im telling myself all this to stay happy).
And Love is love.

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Candy cane quotes

So my brother is getting me a candy cane from some lady at his work place because she makes them for the students but he said he can get me one and I just wanted some good and inspirational (hopefully not too long) MCR quotes which I can tell him to write on it.
I thought of;
"Regret is a sign of weakness"
"Art is a weapon"
"Use your voice in your community"
"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Be sure its worth watching"

He's gonna tell her tomorow so if any ideas, submit today. Thanks Killjoys!

So the other day I was on my phone and my brother passed by me as I was scrolling through my band photos and this pic of gee came on and he was like "wow, thats one hot chick"
And I literally burst out laughing and tolled him its a guy and he kept asking to see more pics which he kept fawning over.
He even stated "Holy crap, he's hotter than most girls I've gone out with and been in school with"

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*Terrible christmas pun alert*

What type of animal falls from the sky?

Rain deer.
(I'm so sorry)

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Pop punk christmas.

HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS, CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP AND SO IS FRIGGIN 2015!!!! I'm more excited about new years to be honest, but Christmas is also huge deal, ya know?
And this year's even more special becaaaaauuse,... It's the first Christmas in our new house annnnd my first pop punk christmas.
Yeah, I know its kinda dumb, but I consider myself a dumb person, so why the hell not.
So basically, if you don't know what a pop punk christmas is, its just regular christmas pop punkified I guess? I dont know. When I say pop punk christmas, I just mean the pop punk christmas carols, and making gingerbread men dressed in band Tees with mohawks... O_O
So yeah, hope you guys have a great Christmas and are as excited as I am!

Stay beautiful, keep it ugly

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Reaaaaaallllyyy bored

I'm uber bored with my internet. I was hoping to write some fanfiction so I'll probably do that. I like my writing but maybe you guys could give me some tips? Especially for conversations between charcters.

Other than that, how are you dears?

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Is it a phase? IS IT REALLY?

I find it really weird how my brothers tend to pick on me over the smallest things. Most especially my forms of expressing myself.
Like I get down quite a bit and when I do, I decide to write song lyrics on my body. I most often write the famous last words lyrics.
"I am not afraid to keep on living" on the left thigh and "I am not afraid to walk this world alone" on the right. And this never fails to make me smile and feel reassured, so I did it today, and added a bunch of other MCR quotes around it.
It really helped me through my day until my brain dead brother decided it would be fun to make fun of me. He was all like "quit trying to be cool" and "its just a phase". At first I hid them and he could only see the writings but not what they said, but then my shorts kinda rolled up and he read them.
In his defence, they were smudged and looked messy and he made fun of that, but Im gonna wash em off and re do them. Just not as many.