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FanFic---> Chapter 8 Part 1

After the guys calmed down and Gerard realized he didn’t have too much hair missing, I returned to our make-shift shooting range. The guys agreed that I was less of a danger to myself and others if there were as few people outside as possible. My audience was gone but Ghoul stayed with me as my lone instructor. He stood behind me, where it was relatively safe. The heat was dying as the sun started to go down. I stood 4 yards from my target, feet planted in the ground, trying to avoid another mess-up. I brought my gun up, parallel to my shoulders.

FanFic---> Chapter 7 Part 1

“Ready yet?”


“Ready yet?”


“Ready yet?”

“No, Kandy!”

I stood behind the diner where the shade was the best on the clear-skied desert evening. The anticipation was holding me hostage, unable to think of anything else. I held Mikey’s ray-gun in my hand. It was smooth and red. The trigger was begging me to pull it. I ran my hand up the side of the barrel enjoying how dangerous it felt just to hold something so deadly, let alone to shoot it.

Ghoul created a makeshift target from an old hub-cap and one of the diner’s plates with one on top of the other.

FanFic---> Chapter 6 Part 1

“That was awesome,” I told Mikey.

The wind was rushing through me and the dust appeared in huge clouds behind me. I was escaping the world, the heat, the past. I was pretty sure that after today Mikey would never allow me to drive again or Gerard for that matter, as much as he loved the car. I needed to make the most of every second behind the wheel.

“Whoa! Cool it Kandy!” he said as I stomped on the brake going 80 in the dust barely clearing a bolder and stopping just in time to avoid crashing through the abandoned turquoise diner.
The rest of the Killjoys ran out of the diner laughing.

FanFic---> Chapter 5 Part 1

Sooo.... this whole 1-chapter-a-day thing isn't really working for me. I guess im just writing too much. So here's chapter 5 a little early. :)

FanFic---> Chapter 4 Part 1

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t close my eyes and let my guard go down or let the night invade my body. I could hear Gerard in the back room mumbling to himself with one lamp on. He never sleeps. I heard Mikey and Jet both snoring, and Ghoul pacing by the door as he was trying to keep himself awake.

I slid out of my booth, grabbed my boots by the tongue, and sunk past Gerard through the silver and turquoise doors.

“Hey,” I whispered the second the doors were closed.

“Hey,” Ghoul responded with his gun in hand.

I sat down next to his feet and continued to get into my boots.

FanFic---> Chapter 3 Part 1

We walked into the ancient diner. Everything was silent except for the click of our boots on the black and white tile floor and the buzzing of the transmitter we left behind. The taste of defeat hung in our mouths and clung to our clothes like a gloom that wouldn’t go away.

I retreated to a booth on the side of building I claimed on our first day here a month ago. That day, I found an old tablecloth and made a fort with a baseball bat and some nails with Grace.

FanFic---> Chapter 2 Part 1

As soon as Korse and his draculoids left on their snow white bikes, taking Grace with them, I raced down to the guys. Mikey was going to kill me but I didn’t care. I needed to make sure everyone was okay. The heat that used to be surrounding me, overwhelming every sense, to where it wasn’t a mild tingle on my skin anymore but a penetrating burning in every part of me from my heart to my fingertips, was finally dissipating into the California sky.

By the time I climbed down to the desert valley stumbling and falling over the terrain the whole way down it was sunset.

FanFic---> Chapter 1 Part 1

it is the story of a teenage girl growing up in the middle of the War caused by BL/Ind. (you know the story!) i wrote it from the point of view of a (non-existant) younger sister of the Way brothers. Just read! and i hope you like it. ive never done one of these before :)

I watched from the hills as wind-swept dust blasted my face, my green eyes, and my fallen smile. Oh how we all used to smile, oh how we all used to laugh, but those days are long gone. If they weren’t I wouldn’t be lying on the ground, back to the sun, just watching the battle. Watching them lose.