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FanFic---> Chapter 26 Part 1

I waited on the couch for something to happen. Princess returned to the crowded back room to argue about the plan with the guys. Thrash and Jet still kept watch outside but Setback traded places with Ghoul. They needed him in Dr. Death’s office. I hoped he would help them figure everything out, but the way Ghoul and Gerard had been arguing lately, I was doubtful. I was lost in my thoughts when Jet poked his head through the black doors leading to the outside world.

“Groove-Van Ahoy!” he yelled to the arguing mob.

“The van’s here?” I asked.

“What? You don’t speak pirate?” he told me, smiling.

FanFic---> Chapter 25 Part 1

I watched the paranoia set in. The dracs almost caught us, assuming they were dracs, that is. Unfortunately, this only proved Gerard’s point. I couldn’t go anywhere without my brothers’ knowledge. But I couldn’t exactly tell them I wanted to go back to the desert to make-out with their best friend. I remained silent and retreated to a spot on the dusty gray couch as the room started to clear out. Thrash, Ghoul, and Jet stayed outside the front doors to keep watch for the van, and anything else that might be out there.

Mikey sat down beside me in a bit of a daze, “You could have been taken.”


FanFic---> Chapter 24 Part 1

Ghoul followed me in the dark. I could feel his heart beat in his palms. I couldn’t even see the old gas-station anymore.

“You think we’re far enough away?” I asked, remembering my brothers, but being too impatient to go any further.

He just smiled and pulled me into a cheesy dramatic kiss, the kind you would do on the dance floor in a little red dress. I imagined a stage dripping in gold glitter and a theatrical dip in front of a million people I would never know after that night.

I returned to the real world. For once, the real world was better.

FanFic---> Chapter 23 Part 1

I kept walking through the narrow hallway as the lights from the main room faded behind me. I checked Heart Strings off my mental list of possible friends.

“Never in a million years,” I whispered to myself.

I rushed past two figures pushed up against each other in the dark. Princess and Setback, I guessed. At least they had eachother.

I pushed past the silver back doors and into the dark desert. I sat down against them. I just waited there for a while in the almost total darkness and stared at what was left of the stars, remembering what the sky looked like when I was little.

FanFic---> Chapter 22 Part 1

Hey guys! i just wanted to say one more thank you to all those who donated names! If i didn't use your's, maybe later in the story??? I'm going to try to fit in everyone who volenteered at least once. :) So THANK YOU! and all that jazz.
--DANNI :)

“Alteration Andriod and Falling-Facts will be back soon with your van,” said Dr. Death.

“Great,” said Mikey with a smile that might have been a little too over-zealous for the current crowd..

“It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to the team,” Jet said to all the newbies with a nod.

I watched them reply with a weak smile and resume what they were doing.

FanFic---> Chapter 21 Part 1

Special thanks to all those who donated names and let me adop their brain-babies! Sorry to those whos's names i didn't use! maybe in a later chapter? anyway, thanks so much!
--DANNI :)

We walked into the run-down gas station with open eyes. I hoped maybe there would be girls. It was lonely living with just the guys for weeks on end. I was in serious need of some girl-talk. We hoped for the best in the new recruits, but all five of us knew the best survivors in BLI’s war are often the least pleasant people you can think of.

FanFic---> Chapter 20 Part 1

Hey guys! so for next chapter I'm going to need a buch of killjoys names so if you have a few really killer ones or you want me to use your own just let me know! I might use it in the next few chapters. That would help out sooo much! Thanks a bunch!
--DANNI :)

We drove for miles in the sunless desert. I sat between Mikey and Jet as all of the guys argued. Strangely, it made me calm. Their banter put me at ease like an old blanket, or a hot shower. It was familiar. Maybe things could be back to normal. Maybe if I ignored everything that was wrong, it would all go away.

FanFic---> Chapter 19 Part 1

As Gerard finished his story, so many things suddenly made sense. I could feel him hold back tears because I did too. I held my legs to my chest and heard my heart beat inside my ears. The dark desert seemed even darker.

“Is that the whole story?” I asked.

I hated playing the victim as much as he hated playing the bad-guy. He nodded. I took a shaky breath, trying to calm myself.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I looked up at him.

I tried not to feel so betrayed, but I did. And he didn’t answer.

“Don’t you think I deserved to know how my father died?”

Angry tears were finally let loose from my

FanFic---> Chapter 18 Part 1

Donald Way slowly stepped forward with the memory card in hand; a memory card that controlled the fate of millions of people. Korse stood in front him on the golden sand with a satisfied smile on his face, a smile Mikey would gladly smack off if he had the chance. The exterminator’s snow-white gun still aimed at Gerard who struggled underneath the weight of his boot. The man looked at his eldest son with a combination of disappointment and pride, fear and hope, pain and love; a look the boy would never forget.

They stood in a valley between the desert hills.

FanFic---> Chapter 17 Part 1

Hey! Okay 10 days without a computer is crazy! I'm glad to be back and posting. Heres the chapter you've been waiting for! hope you like it. The second part of it will continue next chapter.
--DANNI :)

Mikey looked up at him, “It’s you’re story to tell, Gee.”

Gerard hesitated, thinking of a way to look back into the past, knowing full-well this wasn’t a campfire tale. He took a deep breath and began the story.


The sky was so bright it was almost white, as white as the coats on the dracs as they made shot after shot at the Killjoys. There were four of them.