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FanFic---> Chapter 35 Part 1 *The End of Part One*

I drove through the deserted city as the sun started to rise behind us. The people were sleeping as their curfew allowed nothing else. I wondered how many of them were people I used to know. Buildings clad in white and gray sprang up around us, taller as we grew closer to the city’s center. We knew we were going in the right direction. And then it was right in front us, growing bigger, swallowing entire city blocks, Better Living Industries. Lights shined in several shaded windows.

FanFic---> Chapter 34 Part 1

We waited in silence, lying in the back of the van with all of the doors open, hoping some of the early-morning air would help the smell of orange carpet we were lying on. The sun wasn’t up, but it would be soon. The radio rested between my head and Zany’s with the volume up as high as possible, both of us hoping for the smallest of communications as an excuse to drive to BLI.

As Setback sharpened his switchblade across a stone, Dr. Death seemed to be going crazy. He babbled on about how the girls at the camp must be treating his radio equipment.

FanFic---> Chapter 33 Part 1

I gripped the wheel tightly as I followed the runner on Route Guano. It was possibly the best of the remaining roads in the zones, but it was still full of holes with gaping cracks every couple yards. We weren’t far from the city. I watched it grow bigger as we seemed to be driving straight into its center.

Dr. Death was seated beside me, watching the road, obviously not trusting my driving skills. Through my mirror, I watched Princess sleep on Setback’s shoulder, wishing that could be Ghoul and me right now. I smiled at the thought that maybe it would be soon, after all this was over.

FanFic---> Chapter 32 Part 1

“Take care of them,” I told Ghoul as I glanced over at Mikey and Gerard standing by the runner in the glow of the headlights.

Gerard was pulling his fingerless gloves over his hands as if it was the most thrilling part of his job. There was nothing he loved more than watching his plans come to life, and his plan was in motion. Android already took Thrash, Facts, and Heart Strings to what would be our new camp to set up before we arrived. Mikey simply waited while reserved and noticeably nervous, but ready to take on the task at hand in full-force.

“Of course,” Ghoul said, “I would never leave

Sorry :(

Sadly, there will be no new chapter of my fanfic tonight. Sorry. In short, on top of being crazy busy, my best friend and I (think Princess and Setback minus the running away together thing) aren't speaking. Curse words were exchanged. Lines were crossed. and basically I am in no mood to write about Kandy and Ghoul's love affair tonight. Tomorrow i promise i will be back with more, but tonight, Rain Check? Hope you understand.


FanFic---> Chapter 31 Part 1

“So how are you going to decide who gets the girl?” I asked with a smile, “Because Rock, Paper, Scissors doesn’t really seem appropriate, and we don’t have time for a wrestling match.”

They looked at each other and smiled a mischievous smile, reading each other’s minds like they always do.

“Tenth grade rules?” Gerard asked with one eyebrow higher than the other.

“Of course,” Mikey answered.

“Three, two, one!” they shouted in unison and took off towards the gas-station, full speed.

They left me alone in the dust, shouting, “What the hell are tenth grade rules?”

I jogged back to the building,

FanFic---> Chapter 30 Part 1

“You want me to drive the van?” I questioned Gerard, not quite understanding why.

“You can’t come with us to BLI,” He told me, “But you can go with Dr. D, Serious, Princess, and Zany in the van. You will stay outside the city unless we need you. Fair?” He asked.

“No, but I’ll take it,” told him, determined to get my way in one form or another.

We stood next the runner watching the purple van in the darkness, praying they would need me.

“Kandy—“ said Gerard as he turned to me.


“Whatever happens,—“

“Nothing’s going to happen, Gerard,” I interrupted, “It’s a simple mission.

FanFic---> Chapter 29 Part 1

Sorry about another short chapter! Grrr... I'm kinda mad at myself for being so busy! so anyway, ENJOY! .......its in zone 6 right under the male enhancement pills... :/ yay...
--DANNI :)

It seemed I packed more supplies than physically possible into Dr. Death’s runner, like a magician’s hat with an over-weight bunny. It was time to go. Android walked over to the car with her sister, Thrash, and Heart Strings.

“Ready to go?” she asked with a smile.

“No. My brothers told me I’m going with them,” I told her and started turning away with my head down before she could suspect my lying.


FanFic---> Chapter 28 Part 1

Sorry about the short chapter! I had like noooo time today! super busy. so i guess you guys dont have to read so much today. sorry! hopefully i have more time tomorrow!
--DANNI :)

With cautious steps, I started loading supplies into Dr. D’s runner. In my udder boredom and anxious waiting, I volunteered to help him. In my hands I held Dr. Death’s beloved radio in all its shiny glory. I opened the trunk and carefully placed the equipment inside. Thrash silently followed behind me, like a shadow, though it was a pitch-black night. He laid the speakers next to the equipment.

FanFic---> Chapter 27 Part 1

Hey! It seems i can't multi-task. I burned myself while writing this and trying to cook… I just thought you should know. :)
--DANNI :)

I stood on the outside of a circle of people, for the first time realizing how many Killjoys we had fighting with us. I tried for a few unproductive moments, attempting to count how many people were shoved in the main room. Mikey stood on the couch in the center of the group, fully loving being in charge.

“Some of you will go with Android and set up a new camp where it’s safer,” He said nodding to her.

“She and Facts already picked a spot while they were