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FanFic---> Chapter 9 Part 2

I took a step out from behind the tall tent, refusing to raise my gun. My heart pounded in my ears. I closed my eyes, fearing the worst, but then opened them. I wanted to see my attackers.

At first, all I saw was Thrash Tracks’ black jacket. He stood in front of me, his black and blue ray-gun raised at the figures in the shadow of the tent. I dared to move my head from behind him to get a better view, but by then he had lowered his gun.

It was just Heart Strings.

“I swear I saw a Drac!” said Strings sitting on the top of our make-shift table to Zany who stood across from her, unconvinced.


FanFic---> Chapter 8 Part 2

We ran through the desert in the mid-day sun, unsure of what we were running to. All we knew is that a ray-gun was shot at the camp and the Dracs were after us.

“What do you think happened?” I asked Thrash as we sprinted full-speed to the camp where our friends, if you could call them that after a single day of knowing most of them, were waiting.

“How should I know?” Thrash Tracks said between heavy breaths, “It could have been anything.”

As we got closer, I remembered the Dracs that almost caught Ghoul and me the other night. They were following us.

FanFic---> Chapter 7 Part 2

“You want to go with me?” I asked, surprised.

“You can’t go in there alone,” Thrash told me as the sun hit his chocolate-colored hair so perfectly.

He wanted to protect me. He was sweeter than I thought. I shook the friendly thoughts about him from my head. Everything about this guy screamed “bad news”, everything except his face. Could he tell what I was thinking? Could he see through the look on my face?

I hated myself for not hating him. Ghoul was killed less than a day ago, and I was already alone with another guy. I desperately wanted to leave. I felt guilty just sitting there.

FanFic---> Chapter 6 Part 2

HEY! sorry I haven't been on in a while (with my mothers talent for technology the computer was not working) soooo here you go! sorry! and thanks soooo much for reading!
--DANNI :)

Thrash Tracks stood in front of me in the extreme sunlight, as I leaned against a boulder. His green eyes were especially bright while his head, covered in shaggy hair, blocked the sunlight beaming behind him. He couldn’t tell on me. He wasn’t that type.

“What makes you think he’s alive?”

I shrugged, “Mikey and Gerard lied about his death before. They could have lied again.


Hey guys! sorry about not posting a new chapter of my fanfic for the last few days! my mother happens to be very technologically challenged and decided to mess with my computer. long story short-- it was very jacked up for a few days. Thanks for all the patience through my story and i always love ur messages and comments. A new chapter will be up tonight at my usual time! (yay!) so anyways thanks and sorry!
Peace, Love and all that Jazz,
Stay Beautiful, Keep it Ugly,
--DANNI :)

FanFic---> Chapter 5 Part 2

I fell asleep on the overlook as the sun came up, but the dreams returned. This time it was Korse’s words invading my mind.

“They’re gone now, Kandy. They lost. I won. Just think of all the things you can learn from me. I can make you more than you ever imagined. I could give you anything you ever wanted. So what do you want, Kandy. Do you want your daddy? I can give you your father.”

I woke up in a panicky shock against the boulder, trying to calm my breathing. My heart was beating so fast. The world outside was so hot.

“They’re looking for you, you know,” came a smooth voice through my

FanFic---> Chapter 4 Part 2

After managing to escape Thrash with my pride intact, I climbed to the near-by overlook. I just need a place to think, a place without Heart Strings judgmental stares, or Android’s looks of concern; a place where I didn’t have to pretend to sleep to get a moment of peace.

I watched the dark valley below, as a chilled wind washed over me. I sat down against a boulder, taking it all in, letting time pass with steady breaths. Nothing made sense anymore.

They should have made it out without a hitch. I just kept remembering Ghoul’s face as he closed the door to BLI. He stayed there.

FanFic---> Chapter 3 Part 2

I stood alone in the darkness listening for footsteps on the dry desert ground. The only sound was that of my own breathing and Dr. Death’s snoring in the other tent. He and Thrash Tracks were alone in there tonight. I tried not to imagine the four extra beds that would never be used. The tarp covering all of our supplies flapped in the wind in the open space between the tents. The way the windswept sand hit the smooth surface made it sound like rain against a window.

Normally, someone would be on watch duty, but tonight everyone was exhausted after everything that happened.

FanFic---> Chapter 2 Part 2

I waited until night fall for everyone to fall asleep. The guy’s tent was placed across from the girls’, but Serious Setback slept next to Princess that first night. Her breathing was calmer than it used to be, but you could hear the sharp pain in every breath she took.

I turned over with my eyes half open, checking to make sure no one was awake. I rose to my feet in one smooth motion, and quickly sat back down as all the blood rushed to my head. With my vision fogged, I waited, and stood back up. The steps toward the tent’s doorway were brutal.

FanFic---> Chapter 1 Part 2

Hey! Yes. Here it is. A little early. The begining of Part 2. I was heartbroken about killing off the guys, but thats life in the zones. This is the story of Kandy without her big brothers. :'(
--DANNI :)

I tossed and turned on my green cot. I held my face under my blanket, blocking the sun that showed through the huge canvas tent. It was another dream. Every time I closed my eyes, I relived that day. Every time it was more painful.

I relived the loneliness of the desert, Ghoul and I painting my ray-gun, our almost-kiss and the way Gerard ruined it.